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年级一·从A~Z句子中找出正确的答句,并把序号填在括号中。 1·( )where are you from?

2·( )what’s your name?

3·( )I’m sorry.

4·( )Happy Woman’ Day! Miss White! 5·( )Who’s that woman?

6·( )Nice to meet you.

7·( )Who’s that man?

8·( )Who’s that girl?

9·( )Is this your sister?

10·( )Who’s that boy?

11·( )How many kites can you see?

12·( )Look at my new kite.

13·( )How many crayons do you have? 14·( )Let’s go home.

15·( )Do you like peaches?

16·( )I like bananas.

17·( )What about pears?

18·( )Let’s have some peaches and apples. 19·( )Can I have an apple, please?

20·( )Here you are.

21·( )Have some more?

22·( )Where is my car?

23·( )Can I use your pencil?

24·( )Where is my pencil?

25·( )Happy Children’s Day!

26·( )Look at the elephant!

A·No, thank you. B·It’s under the chair. C·No problem. D·Certainly!

E·Wow! It’s so big. F·Thank you.

G·OK. H·Oh, I like them very much. I·Thanks, Dad! J·It’s on the desk.

K·Me too. L·I’m from America. M·Yes, I do. N·My name is Amy. O·Thanks. P·Nice to meet you, too. Q·She is my mother. R·OK.

S·I have 16. T·It’s OK.

U·He is my father. V·Yes, she is.

W·I can see 8. X·He is my brother. Y·Oh , it’s beautiful. Z·She is my sister.

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