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马跑泉中心学校 吕莉

ring up
an IP card send a card a present wait a moment

a telephone
use a telephone some beautiful flowers a new CD do some washing

① —Today is my father’s birthday, I want to say

“Happy birthday” to him.
—You are really a nice boy!

② —May I speak to Li Shan, please?
—This is Li Shan speaking. ③ —Tomorrow is The 29th Teachers’ Day. What present shall we send to our teacher? —What about some beautiful flowers?

What is he doing?
Oh, the picture is so beautiful!

drawing pictures. He is ….

What is she doing?
Oh, the music is so nice!

playing the piano. She is ….

Amy: Hello. Chen: Hi, Amy. It’s Chen Jie. Amy: Hi,Chen Jie. What are you doing? Chen: I’m drawing pictures. What are you doing? Amy: I’m reading a book.

A: Hello. B: Hi,... It’s …. A: Hi,…. What are you doing? B: I’m …. What are you doing? A: I’m ….

中,不能互相称呼“你、我”, 而要采用“this、that”来称呼 自己和对方。读下面两组对 话,体会电话英语的这一特 点:

Li Shan: Hello?

Liu Mei: Hello! May I speak to Li Shan, Please?

Li Shan: This is Li Shan speaking.
Liu Mei: Hi, Li Shan, This is Liu Mei. Tomorrow is Teachers’ Day. Let’s send a present to our teacher. Li Shan: Good idea!

Linda: Hello? Linda: Yes, who’s that?
Zhao Yu:

Zhao Yu: Hello! Is that Linda speaking?

Zhao Yu speaking, Miss White is ill in bed. Let’s go to see her

tomorrow afternoon.
Linda: OK!

在现实生活中,打电 话要找的人不一定就在电 话边,那么如何请求接电 话者转接呢?

Lesson 3

Just a moment, please!

Linda: Hello?

Wang Nan: Hello! Is that Helen speaking?
Linda: No, this is Linda.

Wang Nan: Is Helen in?
Linda: Yes, but wait a moment. She’s doing some washing.
等一会儿 洗衣服

Helen: Hi! This is Helen speaking. Who’s calling? Wang Nan: This is Wang Nan. I bought a new CD. It’s wonderful.
buy 的过去式


Would you like to come and listen with me?
Helen: Great! I’m coming soon.

1.如果你打电话找海伦,你可以怎么说? May I speak to Helen, please?

Is Helen in?
Is that Helen speaking?

不能说 Are you Helen?

2.如果你是海伦,接电话后怎么向对方介绍自己? This is Helen. 不能说 I’m Helen. This is Helen speaking. 3.如果你想问对方是谁,怎么问?
Who’s calling? Who’s that? 不能说 Who are you?

Just a moment, please! Wait a moment. Hold on, please.

Linda: Hello?
Kate: Hi! Linda: Who’s that? Kate: _______________. This is Kate Linda: ______Mary in? Is Hold on, please She is out Kate: ______________.Sorry,____________. Linda: That’s OK. Is; She is out;

This is Kate; Hold on, please

任务一: 今天星期天,请给你的朋友打个电话, 看他们有没有空和你一起去游泳。

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