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lesson 27

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杨村第十二小学 时琳

It’s raining It’s raining. It’s pouring. The old man is snoring. Rain, rain, go away. Come again, another day. Little Johnny wants to play.

raincoat 雨衣
rain + coat = raincoat 雨 大衣 雨衣

jacket 夹克衫

It’s rainy , where’s my raincoat? 下雨了,我的雨衣在哪?
It’s windy , put on your jacket . 起风了,穿上你的夹克衫。


Show me your … It’s my …/This is my …

——Please show me that … ——Here you are. ——Can I try it on ? ——Sure.
try on 试穿
Warm tip : Try on any and every thing before you buy it. 在购买前试穿所有的衣物。

Listen and repeat

Go shopping

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

welcome to our shop ! What can I do for you ? Can I help you ? Show me that… Here you are . Can I try it on ? I like this shirt/blouse. I like the colour .

? The sweater/skirt/cap/dress… is very beautiful! ? It’s so cool/nice/beautiful. ? It’s too small/big. ? It’s pretty! ? Good-looking!(很好看!) ? Really ? ? Sure! ? Here’s the money.

Happy time Happy life!

Happy time Happy life!

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