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小学英语四年级上册unit7 working or playing(2013广东新版)

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Unit7 Working or Playing?

let`s chant
playing playing I’m playing.

let`s chant
running running She’s running.

let`s chant
writing writing He’s writing.

let`s chant

dancing dancing We’re dancing.

let`s chant

swimming swimming We’re swimming.

let`s chant

painting painting We’re painting.

let`s chant



It’s eating.

singing singing They’re singing.

sleeping sleeping The baby is sleeping.

Today is Sunday. But many people are very busy. (许多人很忙) What are they doing now? Let’s have a look.

working 工作
A: What’s she doing? B: She ’s working.

shout shouting 喊叫

A: What are they doing? B: They’re shouting.

thinking 想、思考
Gogo: Are you sleeping? The boy: No, I’m not. I’m thinking.

exercise exercising 锻炼、练习

A: What’s she doing?
B: She’s exercising.

? Chant
Thinking, thinking, are you thinking? Yes, I’m thinking. Working, working, is she working? Yes, She’s working. Exercising, exercising, is she exercising? Yes, she’s exercising. Shouting, shouting, are they shouting? Yes, they’re shouting.


talking 谈话
A: Are they shouting?

B: No, they aren’t. They’re talking.

color coloring 涂颜色
A: What’s he doing?

B: He’s coloring.

cut cutting 切割

A: Is the girl coloring? B: No, she isn’t. She’s cutting.

dance dancing A: Are you dancing? B: Yes, we are.

? Chant
Shouting, shouting, are they shouting? No, they’re not. They’re talking. Cutting, cutting, is he cutting? No, he’s not. he’s coloring.









1. 直接加-ing

go-going watch-watching listen-listening play-playing sleep-sleeping paint-painting eat-eating

fly-flying sing-singing draw-drawing study-studying read-reading fish-fishing

2. 不发音的e 结 尾,去e加-ing

write-writing dance-dancing exercise-exercising

3. 一个元音字母+一个辅字母结尾,

而且这个音节是重读的音节,则双写 最后一个字母。

cut-cutting swim –swimming run-running

Chant activity

What’s everyone doing now?

reading She’s____________ . running He’s_____________. playing We’re ____________. singing She’s____________ . cooking He’s_____________. playing We’re ____________.

Gogo is going to join the sports. (参加运动会) He’s exercising at home.

Shh! She’s sleeping.

Shh! She’s drawing.

Shh! He’s reading.

When people work do not disturb others.

Answer the questions.

What’s Dad doing? He’s working.

What are Tony and Jenny doing?

They’re playing.

What’s Gogo doing?

He’s exercising.

It’s very noisy at home.Gogo. Let’s go to the park.

A: Hello B: Hi A: Are you ……? B: Yes. I am. / No. I’m not.I’m……


What’s she doing ? She’s dancing. Is she _? Yes, she is . / No, she isn’t.

What are they doing? They’re running.

What’s she doing ?
She’s swimming.

What’s he doing ?


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