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班级_______ 姓名 ________ 成绩________



( )1. A. today ( )2. A. quite ( )3. A. boat

( )4. A. match ( )5. A. walk ( )6. A. cake

( )7. A. stand up ( )8. A. keep off

B. stay B. quiet B. coat B. watch B. milk B. cage B. get up B. take off

C. way C. quick C. note C. catch C. water C. cock C. pick up C. turn off

( )9. A. It means you must stay away from the building. B. It means you should keep off the grass.

C. It means you shouldn’t make noise here.

( )10. A. Can I have an ice cream?

B.Can I watch TV now? C. Can I play computer games?


( )1. A. It’s Tuesday. ( )2. A. It’s Monday. ( )3. A. Puppet. ( )4. A. Yes, I can. ( )5. A. Yes, I am.

B. It’s four o’clock. B. It’s the 6th of August. B. Thank you. B. Sure. B. No, you don’t.

C. It’s the 11th of January.

C. It’s on the 6th of August. C. I like it very much. C. Happy birthday. C. Yes, I do.

三、听对话,根据所给的问题,选择正确答案。 (每小题读两遍。5分)

( ) 1. Where is your watch?

A. It is at home. A.

( )3. Where is the girl from?


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B. I don’t have a watch.


C. It is in the classroom.


( )2. What does this sign mean?

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( )4. What time do you begin your lessons? A.

( )5. What colour is Tom’s sweater?

A. blue 1.

B. black

C. brown



7:50 8:10 8:05


— ? — No, I don’t. _________ like to play ____________. 2. — Can I

— No, you . Look at this sign, it means no or .



1.在墙上2.三副眼镜 3.跑步比赛4.捡起 5.在七月6. 7. 9.六、按要求写单词。(10分)

1. two (序数词) __________ 5. keep (名词) __________ 7. same (反义词) __________ 9. they (宾格) __________

2. diary (复数形式) __________

4. just now (同义词组) __________ 6. run (现在分词) __________ 10. write (同音词) __________

3.let’s (完整形式) __________

8. there (同音词) __________


( )1. You must stay from the building.

A. away A. of

B. out B. in

C. off

D. up D. to D. a lots of D. look D. a, the D. about

( )2. The park keeper points a sign on the grass.

C. with C. a lot C. looks C. an,the C. nearby

( )3. I know about public signs.

A. lots of A. mean A. an, a A. nearly

B. many B. means B. a, an B. near

( )4. The sign ―No parking‖.

( )5. There’s American student in my class, she is girl. ( )6. There is a house .

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( )7. Your book is under the chair. Please .

A. pick up it A. should A. she, it, her

A. is; are B. pick it up B. shouldn’t B. she’s, her, it B. is; is C. pick them up C. can D. pick up them D. must D. her, it, her D. are; is ( )8. Grandma is sleeping. We make noise. ( )9. This is ruler. You should give to . C. her, it, she C. /; is ( )10. — What _______ on the plate? — There _______ some bread.


1. Tom__________ (like)__________(go) fishing very much.

2. Look, the boys are watching the__________(excite) running race.

3. Liu Tao__________(do) his homework yesterday evening.

4. Can I__________(watch) TV now? Sorry, you can not.

5. How many__________(box) can you see on the desk?

6. It is time__________(read) English book now.

7. Jack would like__________(buy) some flowers for his mother’s birthday.

8. How about__________(talk) with Miss Liu?

9. My mother__________(be) in the study just now.


1.You should keep quiet in the hospital. (同义句转换)

You shouldn’t ___________ ___________ in the hospital.

2. The camera is in your bag now. (用just now改写)

The camera __________ in your bag ___________ now. 对划线部分提问)

___________ _____________ is Mr Green ?

4. Were they in your bag just now?(作否定回答)

_________, they _________.

5. wants, take, to, He, photos, some (连词成句)


6. a, sign , wall, the ,there, on, is



1. 他们正在讨论本的生日。

They Ben’s birthday.



3. 你的生日在五月九日吗?

Is your birthday _________ the ____________of May?

4. Ben想要给Helen一个面具作为礼物。

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Ben__________ ________ to give Helen a mask ___________ a present.


It is . All the students are very 十一、阅读理解(10分)


Come and see my sitting room, please. There are a lot of things in it. Look!This is a pair of glasses. They’re on the chair now. They’re my grandpa’s. That’s my father’s mobile phone, it’s on the sofa now, but it was in his bag just now. And the CD Walkman beside the mobile phone is very beautiful. My mother likes it very much. Because(因为)she likes listening to music. There are some CDs beside it. Oh, where’s my diary? Ah, it’s on the floor now. I must go and pick it up .


( )1. This is a bedroom.

( )2. My grandmother’s glasses are on the chair.

( )3. The mobile phone is in the bag now.

( )4. There is a CD Walkman . My mother likes it very much.

( )5. My diary is on the floor. I should pick it up.


Colin has a happy family . There are six people in his family . They are his grandparents , his parents , his sister Susan and him . His grandfather likes watching TV very much . He likes watching sports news on TV . His father is a basketball fan . He likes watching basketball games . He often watches NBA on TV . Colin doesn’t like basketball . He thinks soccer is great . He has two soccer balls . One is under his bed , the other is under his desk . He often plays soccer after school with his friends . Susan likes singing . Can you see her ? She is behind the tree . She is singing there .

( )1. likes watching sports news on TV .

A. Colin’s mother B. Colin’s grandfather C. Colin’s grandmother ( )2. Colin likes very much .

A. basketball B. soccer C. volleyball

( )3. Colin often plays soccer with .

A. his friends B. his parents C. his sister

( )4. Which is right ?

A. Colin has two basketballs .B. Colin’s father likes basketball very much .

C. Colin’s sister likes watching NBA in TV .

( )5. Which is NOT right ?

A. Colin is in the basketballs club .B. His sister likes singing .

C. Susan is behind a tree .

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1. stay 2. quiet 3. boat 4. catch 5. walk 6. cage 7. pick up 8. turn off

9. It means you should keep off the grass. 10. Can I have an ice cream?


1. What day is it today?

2. When’s your birthday?

3. What would you like as a birthday present?

4. Would you like to come to my birthday party?

5. Do you like your birthday present?

三、听对话,选择正确答案。 (每小题读两遍)

1. –Hi, what time is it?

--Sorry, my watch is in the classroom.

2.—There’s a sign here. What does it mean?

--It means we shouldn’t put bikes here.

3. –Nice to meet you. Are you Chinese?

--No, I’m Japanese.

4. –What time do you begin your lessons?

--We begin our lessons at ten past eight.

5. –Is this brown sweater Tom’s?

--No, his is black.


2. — Can I

— No, you can’t . Look at this sign, it means no eating or drinking .

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