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六年级英语(6A)期中调研试卷 (满分100分,含卷面分3分)听力部分(30分) 一. 听录音,选择你所听到的单词。(10分) ( ) 1. A milk B sign C grass D park ( ) 2. A April B May C June D August ( ) 3. A was B were C cousin D camera ( ) 4. A carrot B cow C camp D cousin ( ) 5. A film B farm C favourite Dfestival ( ) 6. A fifth B sixth C twelfth D twentieth ( ) 7. A cook B collect C pick D pull ( ) 8. A Monday B Tuesday C Thursda D Wednesday ( ) 9. A bear B pear Cthere D where ( ) 10. A costume B cake C candle D children 二. 听录音,给下列图标排序。(8分) A:

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) B:

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) 三. 听对话或句子,判断正误,对的写(T)错的写 (F)。(6分) th1. It’s the 16 of October. ( ) 2. I’d like a Japanese cartoons.( ) 3. They are in my bag. ( ) 4. I visited a farm with my family on Wednesday。( ) 5. Helen picked oranges and watered trees on Tuesday.( ) 6. We played football and volleyball. ( ) 四. 根椐所听到的内容,选择正确的答案。(6分) ( ) 1. Mr Smith is a walk in the park. A:talking B: taking C: liking ( ) 2. Liu Tao’s birthday is on . A: The fourth of June B: the fifth of June C: the third of June ( ) 3. The Halloween near. A: is getting B: get C: getting ( ) 4. I . There is no supermarket nearby. A: look around B: look for C: look at ( ) 5. Can you see that pen on the floor? Please . A: pick it B: pick up it C: pick it up ( ) 6. I would a camera a birthday present. A: like, as B: want, for C: have, for


一、 英汉词组互译(10分)

1.一副眼镜 2. take some photos

3. 跑步比赛 4. pick them up

5. 刚才 6. Sports Day

7. 谈论本的生日 8. look around _____-

9. 散步 10 . public signs

11. 问许多问题 _____________ 12.stay away from_____________

13. 制造噪音 _______________ 14.keep off thegrass__________

15. 吹灭蜡烛 ______________ 16. point to_____________

17. 在地面上 ______________ 18. look around ___________

19. 寻找手机 _____________ 20. take off the costume ________

二、 单项选择(21分)

( )1 Where are your ?

A a pair of earphones B earphonesC earphone

( )2 Su Hai and Su Yang’s school has a every year.

A Sports Day B sports day C sport day

( )3 There a supermarket a year ago.

A are B was C is

( )4 Look! The boys .

A were running. B are runing C are running

( )5 He’s his camera now,but he can’t it.

A looking for find B find ,looking for

C find,looking at

( )6 What it mean? It ‘No drinking’.

A do; mean B does; mean C does; means

( )7 -- there apple trees on the farm?

--Yes, there were.

A Are; some B Is; any C Were; any

( )8 The children are reading a book a farm.

A about B of C in

( )9 --When’s Halloween? --It’s .

A on October B in October C on the 1st of October

( )10 --Where you last Spring Festival?

--I in Beijing.

A was; was B were; was C were; were

( )11.What does this sign mean?

It means you shouldn’t .

A No parking B park C parks ( )12. I’d like a cake _______lots of ________.

A. have, strawberrys B. has, strawberries

C. for, strawberrys D. with, strawberries

( )13. What ______ is it today? It’s Tuesday.

A. date B. time C. day D. week

( )14. There ____ a pair of glasses under the book a moment


A. is B. were C. was D. were

( )15.Saturday is ______day ____ a week.

A. seven, of B. the 7th, with C. the seventh, of ( )16. -Is the running race ______? - Yes, it is.

A . excited B. exciting C. excite D. an



( )17. They are talking about ______birthdays.

A. his B. they C. their D. her

( )18. My books are on the floor. Can you ________ for me?

A. pick them up B. pick up them C. pick it up

( )19. When’s your birthday,Liu Tao? My birthday’s


A. of January B. in January C. on January

( )20. Can I go to the park? _________

A. Yes, you can’t. B. No , I can’t. C. No, you can

D. Yes, you can.

( )21. It’s time _____ listen to some music.

A. to B. for C. with D. of

三、 搭配题(2.5分)

( )1 Does this sign mean ‘No parking’? A.It’s Tuesday.

( )2 When is Jim’s birthday? B Yes, I’d like to.

( )3 Where are the shoes? C. It’s on the 6th of


( )4 Would you like go to my party ? D Yes, it does.

( )5 What day is it today? E.They are under the bed.

四、 选择方框里适当的介词填空(2.5分)

about, as, for, on, with

1 I like playing table tennis my friends?

2 There are a lot of signs the grass.

3 What would you like a birthday present?

4 They are talking __ the running race.

5 Su Hai is looking the films.


1 All the students are very _________ (exciting).

2 They are _________ (watch) a running race now.

3 David can ______ (play) football very well.

4 Monday is the (two) day of a week?

5 Helen wants _______ (take) some photos, too.

6. The children are very _________ (excite) now.

7. _________ (Helen) birthday is on the 2nd of Feb.

8. Can you ______(make) a birthday card for me ?

No, I __________ (make) a model plane now.

9. All the students _____ (be) not here now, but they _______ (be) here a moment ago.

10. Would you like ___________(come) to my birthday party?

11. Listen, Wang Bing ____ (sing) a song.

12. He _______ (like) playing football.

He wants _______ (play) football.


1 My birthday’s on the fifth of May. (对画线部分提问) __________ __________ birthday?

2 It was Ben’s birthday yesterday. (改为否定句)

I t _________ Ben’s birthday yesterday.

3 I’d like a mobile phone as a birthday present.(对画线部分提问)


__________ _________ you like as a birthday present ? 4 Nancy isn’t on the playground now(用just now替换now) Nancy __________ _________ on the playground just now. 5 I was at home yesterday.(对画线部分提问)

_________ _______ you yesterday?

6. The films were in the bag. (对划线部分提问)

________ _______ the films?

7. He goes to school at seven. (改为一般疑问句)

________ he ________ to school at seven?

8. There were some glasses on the desk just now. (改成否定句)

There _________ ________glasses on the desk just now.

9. I’d like some toys as my birthday present. (对划线部分提问)

_______ _______ you like as _______ birthday present?


1 他们正在观看跑步比赛。

They ______ _______ the running race.

2 你喜欢什么?我喜欢猫。 What _____ you ______? I like a .

3 你昨天在哪里?我在学校。

Where_____ you yesterday? I _____ at shool.

4 现在它不在那儿了,刚才它是在那儿的。

It isn’t there now,. It was there ______ _______.

5 所有的学生都很兴奋。

All the students are very ______.

6. 这个标志表示我们不应该在这儿吃喝、

The sign ________ we _______ not ______ or drink here.


My ______ _________ near the camera ________ now.But it ______ there now.

8. 本正在举行生日聚会,有一个大蛋糕在桌上。

Ben’s __________ a birthday ________. ___________ a big cake on the table.


( 1 )

Mum: Hurry up, Jim! You’ll late for school.

Jim: I can’t find my white T-shirt, Mum. It was on my bed just now.

Mum: It’s next to the computer.

Jim: Thanks! Oh, no! Where are my brown trousers?

Mum: They’re on the sofa.

Jim: Now, where are my socks? They were on the chair a moment ago.

Mum: They’re under your bed, Jim. Can you see them?

Jim: Yes. Oh, no!

Mum: What’s the matter?

Jim: It’s a quarter to eight. I’m late for school. 判断正误,正确的有“T”表示,错误的用“F”表示。

( ) 1. Jim’s T-shirt is on the TV.


( ) 2. His trousers are on the sofa.

( ) 3. His socks were on the bed a moment ago.

( ) 4. Jim is late for school.

( ) 5. Jim is a careful (细心) boy.

( 2 )

Mr Ma is our Science teacher. His class is very interesting. We can learn a lot from his class. We like him very much. He often helps us make things. We make a lot of different things. Some of us make model planes. Some make model coats. Others make robots(机器人).

Look at that robot! We like it very much, because it can do many things for us. It is now cleaning the windows of an office building. It is not easy for people to do this job, because that is a very tall building. It is dangerous(危险的) for people to do the work. The robot is a great help.


( )1.Mr Ma teaches us ________.

A. English B. Maths C. Chinese DScience

( )2.We make model planes, model_______ and robots

A. boats B. coats C. robots D. ships

( )3.We like the ______ very much.

A. boats B. coats C. robots D. ships

( )4.The robot is_________.

A. cleaning the doors B. cleaning the windows

C. cleaning the classroom D. playing games

( )5.We ______ different things.

A. like B. like making C. like to do D. doing



二. 听录音,选择你所听到的单词。(10分)

1、milk 2. August 3. camera 4. camp 5. favourite

6. twelfth 7. collect 8. Wednesday 9. where 10. costume


A: 1.be quiet 2. dangeous 3.no smoking 4. keep off the grass

B: 1. no littering 2. no eating 3. no parking 4. no picture

三、听对话或句子,判断正误,对的写(T)错的写 (F)。

1.A:what date is it today?

B: It’s the 17th October.

2. A: what would you like as a birthday present.

B: I’d like a yo-yo

3. A: where are the films ?

B: They’re in my bag.

4. A: what did you do last week.

B: I visited a farm with my family on Wednesday.

5. Helen picked oranges and watered trees on Monday .

6. We played football and volleyball.


1.Mr Smith is taking a walk in the park.

2.Liu Tao’s birthday is on the third of June.

3.The Halloween is getting near.

4.I look around,There is no supermarket nearby.

5.Can you see that pen on the floor, please pick it up.

6.I would like a camera as a birthday-present.


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