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( )1、叔叔 A.aunt B.father C.uncle ( )2、眼镜 A.glasses B.grass C.purple ( )3、说,讲 A.say B.talk C.speak ( )4、加拿大 A.Canada B.China C.The U.S. ( )5、东 A.south B.picture C.east ( )6、图书馆 A.store B.classroom C.library ( )7、袋鼠 A.dog B.kangaroo C.mouse ( )8、报纸 A.book B.movie C.newspaper ( )9、总统 A.president B.Canberra C.London ( )10、女儿 A.son B.daughter C.sister 二、找出下列各组词中不同的词,将其序号填入题前括号内(5分) ( )1.A. Chain B. Canada C. Australia D. map ( )2.A. east B .south C. west D. speak ( )3.A. young B. short C. day D. old ( )4.A. short B. young C. sister D. tall ( )5.A. red B. white C. blue D. tall 三、英汉互译。(10分)

1.a map of the world ______ 2.speak English ______ 3.know about ______ 4.bus driver ______

5.in English ______6.movie theatre _____7.放风筝____ 8.去体育馆_____ 9.玩的开心_____ 10.去散步______ 四、补全单词,并写出汉语意思。(10分)

1.c sin 2. gr y 3._ _nt 4.c ntry 5.n th 6.w st 7.Ch n se 8.c ty 9.Austral 10.kn


1、beach(复数)_____ 2、have(单三形式)_____ 3、know (同音词)_____ 4、east(反义词)____5、we’re(完全形式)____ 6、young(反义词)____ 7、do(单三形式)_____ 8、tall(比较级)_____ 9、leaf(复数)_____ 10、south(反义词)_____ 六、选择填空。(20分)

( )1、This is a picture ____her family. A、of B、with C、is ( )2、They often go to walk ____bus. A、to B、on C、by ( )3、They _____ TV in the evening . A、see B、look at C、watch ( )4、---Can you sing and dance ? --- .

A、Yes, we can. B、Yes, we can’t. C、Yes, I do. ( )5、Meimei is ____friend. A、Jenny B、jenny C、Jenny’s ( )6、Bob is older Lynn. A、than B、and C、then ( )7、She lives Canada. A、to B、at C、in ( )8、The flag of the U.S. is and blue.

A、red , yellow B、green,white C、red,white

( )9、In the U.S.,they speak .A、Chinese B、English C、French ( )10、kangaroos live in .A、the U.S. B、the U.K. C、Australia ( )11、The U.S .is of China. A、west B、east C、south ( )12、I am than Jing. A、tall B、talling C、taller ( )13、--- does she go to work? ---By bus.

A、What B、How C、Where ( )14、We go to the movie theatre a movie.

A、watch B、to watch C、watching

( )15、 points up. A、North B、South C、East ( )16、What is it _______ English? A、in B、to C、for ( )17、China is _______ we live . A、where B、what C、how ( )18、Australia ________ beautiful __________.

A、has, beaches B、have, beaches C、has, beach

( )19.I like to play my ball. A. to B. with C. in ( )20.My cousin and I _____different. A. are B. is C. am 七、 从B栏中选出A栏句子的正确答语,将其序号填入括号内。(5分)


( )1、Do you know about Canada? A. It’s black. ( )2、What does he do? B. By bus.

( )3、What colour is her hair? C.sorry,I don’t know. ( )4、How do they go to work? D.She is twenty. ( )5. How old is Ann? E. He is a doctor. 八、连词成句并翻译。(10分)

1、mother, father and, one, have, My, child ( .)

______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ 2、do, they , go to , How , work ( ? )

______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ 3、map , South, on , points , a , down(.)

______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ 4、to , kites , We ,the ,to ,fly , park, go ( .)

______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ 5、capital city , the, of, Beijing, is, China ( ! ) ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ 九、根据汉语选择正确的英语句子(10分) ( )1. 你准备好测试了吗?

A. You are ready of a quiz ? B.Are you ready of a quiz ? C.Are you ready for a quiz ? ( )2.这是什么国家?

A.what country is this ? B. What country this is ? A.What country is this ?

( )3. 西方在哪儿?

A. Where is west? B.Where is east? C. What is west? ( )4.中国的东方是什么国家?

A.What country is west of China? B. What country is east of China? C. What country is south of China? ( )5.这个国家讲什么语言?

A.What do they say in this country? B.What they speak in this country? C.What do they speak in this country? ( )6. 澳大利亚有美丽的海滩。

A. Australia have beautiful beaches. B. Australia has beautiful beaches. C. Australia has beautiful beach. ( )7.中国在美国的西面。

A. china is west of the U.S.. B. China is east of the U.S.. C. China is west of the U.S.. ( )8.我们住在中国。

A. We live in China. B. We live in china. B. We lives in China. ( )9.它是故宫。

A. It’s the Palace Museum . B. It’s the palace Museum . C. It’s the Palace museum . ( )10.这是一张英国地图。

A. This is a map of the U.S. . B. This is a map of the U.K.. C. This is the U.S.map . 十、句型转换。(10分)

1. Is he a cashier ? (给出否定回答) No, he .

2. She likes to read books.(改为一般疑问句)____ she ____ to read books ? 3.Is your mother a nurse ?(作出肯定回答) _____ , _____ _____. 4.They go to school by bus .(根据划线部分提问)____ do they to school?

5.The U.K is blue . (就划线部分提问)______ ______ Is the U.K . ?

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