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Let’s warm up.
eat drink read write draw jump run swim fly play cook go

Unit 4 What are you doing? Part A

doing the dishes

Let’s learn

cooking dinner

reading a book

drawing pictures

answering the phone

cook dinner -----cooking dinner

do the dishes -----doing the dishes read a book -----reading a book
draw pictures -----drawing pictures

answer the phone -----answering the phone

Let’s chant
What are you doing? I am doing the dishes. What are you doing? I am drawing pictures. What are you doing? I am reading a book. What are you doing? I am cooking dinner. What are you doing? I am answering the phone.

Have a try
? ? ? ? ? ?

? ? cooking dinner ? washing clothes ? setting the table ? cleaning the bedroom ? doing the dishes answering the phone

flying a kite climbing mountains planting trees drinking water eating bread drawing pictures

? ? ? ? ?

playing basketball playing football running swimming doing morning exercises ? jumping

? ? ? ? ? ?

reading a book cleaning the board doing homework playing the piano sweeping the floor watering the flowers

1.Write the phrases on your notebook.
cooking dinner drawing pictures … doing the dishes reading a book

2.Read the phrases smoothly.

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