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Name____________ Class_____________ Mark_________


1. Would you like to come to my _________ party tomorrow?

2. Who’s ____________?

3. Is that ______________?

4. She ___________ to get plenty of rest.

5. Thank you for your ________________.

6. May I __________ to Miss White?

7. Can I take a __________ for him?

8. She will be ___________ at 7.00. Can you call back ________________?

9. ___________ she see a doctor?


( )1. A. Tom’s book is on Mr Chen’s desk.

B. Tom’s book isn’t on Mr Chen’s desk.

C Tom’s book is under Mr Chen’s desk.

( )2. A. Miss Green isn’t at home.

B. Miss White is at home.

C. Miss White isn’t at home.

( )3. A. Rose and Ben are going to the park tomorrow.

B. Rose and Ben are going to the museum tomorrow.

C. Rose and Ben are going to school tomorrow.

( )4. A. The telephone number is 83342067.

B. The telephone number is 83342607.

C. The telephone number is 83342076.

( )5. A. John will have a birthday party at 7.00 tomorrow morning.

B. John will have a birthday party at 7.00 tomorrow evening.

C. John will have a birthday party at 6.00 tomorrow evening.


A: Hello. __________.

B: Hello. May I __________ to Annie, please?

A: __________. Who’s that, please?

B: It’s Bill here. How are you, Annie?

A: I’m very well, thanks. And you?

B: I’m well, too. Thank you. Do you ___________ an English dictionary? A: Yes, I _________.

B: I _________ to know what __________ means? Please __________ it up in the dictionary.

A: Oh, it means ___________.

B: Is it? Thank you very ___________.



1. Who is calling Jane? _______________________________________________

2. Is Jane free tomorrow morning? ___________________________________

3. What are they going to do tomorrow morning? ______________________

4. Where is Lily? ___________________________________________________

5. Where are they going to meet? ____________________________________


1. is ____________ 2. are ______________ 3. do ________________

4. go ____________ 5. have _____________ 6. has ______________

7. say ___________ 8. hope _____________ 9. study ____________


1、捎口信_______________________ 2、恐怕______________________

3、这个周六_____________________ 4、举行一个大的晚会_________________

5、足够_______________________ 6、广州国际学校______________________

7、感冒_______________________ 8 、感冒____________________________

9、看医生_____________________ 10、发烧______________________________


Model: Mr Johnson was a cleaner before 1995. (farmer)

Was Mr Johnson a farmer before 1995?

No. he wasn’t. He was a cleaner.

1. Liu Wei was free yesterday. ( busy )


2. Mike was strong before. (weak)


3. The film was wonderful. (boring)


4. The children were in the gym. (on the playground)


5. Miss White was tired. (ill)


6. The boys were in the library. (canteen)




1. Look. Jim’s mother ________________________ (cut) her hair in the garden.

2. They ______________________(go) to Beijing next week.

3. How many classes ___________ you ____________(have) every day?

4. What time __________ he ______________(come) back this evening?

5. Lily often ________________(do) her house on Sunday.

6. There __________________(not be) classes tomorrow afternoon.

7. Janet ______________(see) a film on TV last night.

8. What __________ your father ____________(do) yesterday?

9. Last year my mother ____________(be) a doctor.

10. I _____________(have) a happy day last Saturday.


( )1. What’s the weather _______ today? It’s ______.

A. like, sun B. like, sunny C. /, sunny

( )2. All of _____ like drinking tea.

A. we B. us C. our

( )3. There is going to _____ a football game this afternoon.

A. be B. have C. was

( )4. Ben and Mike are _______ in the mountain.

A. making photos B. taking photos C. take photos

( )5. Miss Gu _____ a birthday party last Saturday.

A. had B. has C. have

( )6. When ______ your dad _____ back tonight?

A. is, comes B. does, come C. will, come

( )7. Lucy wasn’t at home __________.

A. now B. yesterday C. tomorrow

( )8. Can I take a message _____ him?

A. to B. for C. with

( )9. I’m sorry _______ that.

A. hear B. hears C. to hear

( )10. What ______ you ______ yesterday?

A. did, did B. were, do C. did, do

( )11. Beijing is _____ than Guangzhou.

A. big B. bigger C. biggest

( )12. Can I _____ a VCD now?

A. watch B. watches C. watching

( )13. I ______ my grandma ______ her dog last night.

A. helps, feeds B. helped, feed C. helped, feeded

( )14. What’s the matter ______ him?

A. to B. for C. with

( )15. Whot’s calling? _________.


A. It’s Ben here. B. Speaking. C. I am Ben.


1. Did the woman talk with an old man on the phone? _________________________

2. Did the lady play badminton? _____________________________________

3. Did the lady go to the Yuexiu Park with her daughter? _______________

4. Did the man read the books about history? ________________________

5. Did the boy feel cold or feel hot? _______________________________

6. Was there a doll on the table? ___________________________________ 十二、先看问题,再读短文,判断对错:

( )1. Peter likes his two neighbours(邻居).

( )2. Peter’s two neighbours work hard.

( )3. Peter invited his two neighbours to have a delicious meal one evening.

( )4. Peter’s neighbours would move their houses far away from his house.

( )5. Peter would have no trouble after the two neighbours move their houses.

Moving the Houses

Peter likes living in a quiet place, but he has some trouble. He has two neighbours. One is a blacksmith(铁匠), the other is a coppersmith(铜匠), and he lives between them. The two neighbours work very hard and they make all kinds of noises all day and all night. The noises make Peter upset.

He said many times,” if they move their houses, I’ll invite them to eat a big meal.”

One day, the two neighbours came to tell him, “ We have decided to move our houses.” Peter was very happy when he heard the news, so he invited them to have a delicious meal that evening. After the meal, he asked the two men, “Where are you going to move?” “ Oh, it’s easy.

We are going to change our houses each other.


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