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do----did come---came drop---dropped go---went meet---met buy---bought run---ran have---had visit---visited send---sent like---liked walk---walked is/am---was are---were take---took ring---rang skip---skipped win---won lose---lost


1、 When did you come back?

I live near Amy and Sam.

How many bananas do you want? How much cheese do you want?

Half a kilo.

No , I don’3

4 Did you wash Lingling’s T-shirt?

No, I didn’t.

’t hers.It’s mine!

Is this Sam’’s Lingling’s bag. Yes, it’s his.

5There are four pencils. There are six children.

There aren’ There are too many people on the bus.

There are too many books in the bag.

There are too many T-shirts on the line.

6、Can you run fast? ’t. Very badly.

You can play football well.

7、This man is blind. This girl is deaf.

’t see. She can’t hear.

This dog helps her.

’t find people. No, we can’t.

’t walk. This old man can’

Her father helps her. A young girl helps him. These chicks can’t eat. This little girl can’t swim. ’t walk. This girl can’t eat. A nurse helps him.

’t skate. This boy can’

8、 ’clock.


9’s the matter?

10You shouldn’t walk in the road.

You should look ,then cross the road.

You should hold my hand.

You should say hello to my friends.

You should take the right child!

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