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一、 听录音, 选出与录音相符合的一项,并将其字母编号填在题前的括


( ) 1. A. when B. went C. where

( ) 2. A. short B. shirt C. girl

( ) 3. A. parents B. presents C. pair

( ) 4. A. light B.night C. right

( ) 5. A. she B.see C. sheep

( ) 6. A. match B. watch C. catch

( ) 7. A. have a cold B. have a sore throat

C. have a sore nose

( ) 8. A. take a trip B. go by train C. play a game

( ) 9. A. watched TV B. washed the clothes

C. went shopping

( ) 10. A. How did you feel? B. What did you feel?

C. What did you do?

二、听录音, 判断句子或图片是否与录音内容相符。 (10分)

1. 2. 3.

( ) ( ) ( )

4、 5.

( ) ( )

( ) 6.We are Chinese.

( ) 7.Amy is sad.

( ) 8. Jack is thinner than John.

( ) 9.Yesterday was April the 9th.

( ) 10.Tom’s father works in the post office.

三、根据你在录音中的问题,选出下面每组答句中最合适的答案。 (10分)

( ) 1. A. It’s sunny.

B. It was Sunday.

C. It was sunny.

( ) 2. A. I went to Harbin. B. I went by plane. C. Next holiday.

( ) 3. A. He read a book. B. He reads a book. C. He is reading a book.

( ) 4. A. He likes doing sports. B. He is like doing sports.

C. He is tall and strong.

( ) 5. A. My brother feels bored. B. Yes, he’s going on a trip. C. No,

he didn’t.

四、根据录音内容填写下列句子中所缺的单词, 使句子完整。 (5分)

1. I went last Friday.

2. What’s the ? I have a 3. You’re much taller and than my friend.

4. My mother a present for me yesterday.


( ) 1. John was busy last weekend.

( ) 2. John can play chess.

( ) 3. John went hiking last Saturday afternoon.

( ) 4. On Sunday morning, John did homework.

( ) 5. John and his mother watched TV at home on Sunday afternoon.


六、补全对话, 选择正确答案的编号在横线上。(10分)

John: Good morning ,Mike.

Tom: Good morning ,Tom.

John: You didn’t go to school yesterday. ___________________?

Tom: I went to visit my grandpa. He didn’t feel well.

John: Tom: He had a cold.

John: Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. ?

Tom: I bought a cake for my grandpa.

John: Tom: Yes, I’m going to see my grandpa tomorrow

John: I hope he will be better soon.

Tom: 七、阅读(15分)

(一) 根据短文内容,判断下列句子的对错。(5分)

Against SARS

SARS(非典) is a very bad disease(疾病). It is a kind of disease in the lungs(肺). People may die when they have SARS. It’s not very hard to do something against(预防) SARS. First, often wash your hands. Second, often open the windows of your house to air the rooms. Third, keep the room clean and do some exercises. Fourth, don’t go to the places where there are a lot of people. There are also many other ways to do. But please remember those. You will be healthy.

( ) 1. SARS is a disease in people’s arms.

( ) 2. People may die when they have SARS.

( ) 3. People can’t be against SARS.

( ) 4. You should do some exercises and keep the room clean.

( ) 5.We can go to the places where there are a lot of people.

(二) 阅读短文,回答以下问题(10分)

Dear diary,

I’m Amy. I have a pen pal. Her name is Joey. She is from Canada. She has many hobbies. She likes listening to music, drawing pictures, playing the violin. Last holiday I went to Canada and visited her. In Canada, the weather was fine, always sunny but not hot. We often went hiking there. I often learned English from Joey,too. My holiday was happy. This holiday Joey is going to visit me. We are going to visit the Great Wall. I can’t wait.

1. What can Joey do ?


2. Is Joey a quiet girl ?


3. How was Amy’s holiday ?


4. Does Amy come from Canada ?


5. What are Joey and I going to do this holiday?



(did , worker , does , tired , goes , was , sad , often , cleaned , play, works , cooked , played , went , playing)

My good friend is Ann. She ________to work by motor cycle every day. She ___________in a factory. She is a good ___________. She often ________housework at home, too. Yesterday, she came back from work. She __________dinner for us. After dinner, she _________ the dishes and then ___________ the house. After doing that, she was _______.She had a rest. Then she _______the piano. She can _______it well. At about 11:00, she went to bed.


1. ______?

B: Sarah has a fever.

2. A:B: John went fishing last Saturday.

3. A:B: We are going to watch the NBA at 7:30 tomorrow evening.

4. A:B: I wear size 36.

5. _____?

B: No, my father went to Xinjiang yesterday.

十、根据所给的图片写五句话,说明图片中Mary 和Sarah在何时去了哪里?怎样去?做了什么?天气怎样?他们的心情如何?

______________________________________________ ___ _______________________________________________ __ ____________________________________________ _____



1、I went to Guangzhou last week.

2、My brother is short.

3、I will buy some presents for my friends.


Turn right, you can find the park.

5、What did you see at the zoo?

6、We are going to have a football match tomorrow.

7、Mr had a sore nose yesterday.

8、You can go by train.

9、I washed the clothes last night.

10、How did you feel?


1、Sarah didn’t go t school.Because she has a fever.

2、I’m going to see a film, the cinema is south of the hospital.

3、Last weekend, Wu Yifan went to the bookstore to buy a present for his friend.

4、This is my aunt. She’s very happy. Because she is having a birthday party.

5、It’s summer now. Zoom is going skating.

6、We are from Chinese.

7、What’s the matter, Amy ? You look sad. Yes, I failed he English test.

8、John and Jack are twins. Jack is 5 kg heavier than John.

9、What date is it today? It’s April the 10th.

10、What does your father do, Tom? My father is a car engineer.


1、What was the weather like yesterday?

2、How did you go to Harbin last week?

3、What did your brother do yesterday evening?

4、What’s your father like?

5、How does your brother feel?


1、ice-skating 2、matter headache 3、stronger 4、bought


John was very happy last weekend. On Saturday, he went hiking with his parents. In the morning, they went to a forest park by car. There is a river in the park. His father and John went fishing in the river. In the afternoon, they read a funny story-book together. Then they played chess. And John won. They went home a t 4:30. On Sunday morning, John helped his mother do housework. In the afternoon, John and his mother went to the cinema and watched Harry Potter 3. Wow, it was great.

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