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班别______________ 姓名______________ 成绩_______________


一、 听录音,选出你所听到的单词、短语或句子,把字母编号填在括号里。(10分) ( )1. A. tired B. bored C. angry ( )2. A. flu B. fruit C. blue ( )3. A. visited B. visits C. visit

( )4. A. have a toothache B. have a headache C. have a fever

( )5. A. washed clothes B. watched TV C. cleaned the room ( )6. A. ride bikes B. flew kites C. fly kites

( )7. A. I went fishing. B. I went swimming. C. I went hiking. ( )8. A. Did you draw pictures? B. Do you draw pictures? C. Are you a picture? ( )9. A. She read books. B. She cleaned rooms. C. She washed clothes. ( )10. A. No, I didn’t. B. No, it isn’t. C. No, it doesn’t. 二、根据你所听到的内容,判断对错,打“√”或“ × ”。(10分)




1. ( ) 2. ( ) 3. ( ) 4. ( ) 5. ( ) ( )6、Yesterday was Thursday. ( ) 7、Amy is younger than Ben.

( ) 8、We went to visit our grandparents last Sunday. ( ) 9、Amy’s nose hurts.

( )10、Mike was sick yesterday.


( ) 1. A. I flew kites. B. I go to the park. C. I’m going to the zoo. ( ) 2. A. I’m excited. B. He’s fine. C. She’s angry. ( ) 3. A. Yes, I go hiking. B. No, I went hiking. C. Yes, I went hiking. ( ) 4. A. He’s 38 kg. B.She’s 48kg. C. She’s 58kg.

( ) 5. A. Yes, you are taller than me. B. No, you are taller than me. C. I’m 20 cm taller than you. 四、听录音,填单词,每空一词。(5分)。

1. What’s the ________ with Tom? He looks so _______. 2. We pictures at the zoo.

3. A: What did you do ______________? B: I ______ hiking with my parents. 五、听录音,判断句子的对错,打“√”或“ × ”。(10分) ( )1、Amy went to see animals last weekend.

( )2、Amy likes animals.

( )3、Amy's mom went shopping.

( )4、Amy's dad read some magazines.

( )5、Amy's family had a good time last weekend.


六、 阅读对话,根据上下文的内容,选择合适的句子,将其字母编号填在横线上。


A: Hello, Tom. ____________________________? B: It was a busy one.

A: Why? _________________________________?

B: I cleaned the room, washed clothes and then visited my grandparents. They live in a village. It’s very far from my home. A: ________________________________. B: That’s right.

A: ________________________________?

B: I went shopping with my mom and then cooked meals for my family.

A. Oh, I see. _______________________________. You’re helpful. B: Thank you.


Lily and Lucy are twin sisters. They’re twelve. They look the same. It’s very difficult to . But Lily has long hair. And Lucy has short hair. So Miss Li their names right easily(容易地),Lily says she’s 161cm tall. She’s 1cm 八、根据上下文的意思,选词填空,每个词只用一次(10分)

with ,eat, younger, watched, happy, cooked, was, goes, washed, tired, had, helped Jim is a student. He is __________ than his classmates. He usually _______to the park ________ his friends on the weekend. But last weekend, he______ his mother do housework. Because his mother ________ sick. She ________ a cold. He _________ breakfast, then he _________ the clothes. In the evening, he was very ________, but he was shorter than Lucy. Lucy says she’s 45kg. She’s 2kg heavier than Lily. And she’s a little stronger than her younger sister. They often wear the same color clothes and the same size shoes. Today they’re wearing red dresses and brown shoes.

( ) 1. Whose hair is longer ? A. Lily’s. B. Lucy’s ( ) 2. Miss Li _____ tell their names right. A. can B. can't ( ) 3. Lucy is _______ tall. A. 160cm B. 162cm ( ) 4. Lily is _______. A. 43kg B. 47kg ( ) 5. _____ is taller and stronger than _____. A. Lily...Lucy B. Lucy...Lily Jack was busy last weekend. His parents were not at home. He walked to the park in the morning ,he read English books and did sports there. Then he took a bus back home. He had to clean the room and washed clothes before 12:00. After finishing these things, he had lunch in the canteen. Then he went to Sarah’s home, and studied math with her. They played many math games together. In the evening, Jack went to the supermarket and bought many food back home. When he came back, his parents were at home, too. They watched TV. Then Jack went to sleep.

( )6. Jack went to the park on foot in the morning. ( )7. Jack did sports in Sarah’s home.

( )8. Jack cleaned the room and washed clothes in the afternoon. ( )9. Jack had dinner with Sarah.

( )10. Jack went shopping and watched TV in the evening.

very __________.

九、请根据上下文的意思完成对话(10分): 1. Tim: ________________________________________? Ben: I have a headache .

2. Amy: ____________________________________? Jenny: I’m 160 cm tall. I’m 4 cm taller than before. 3. Teacher: ______________________________________? Tom: No, I didn’t read books last weekend.

4. Jim: _________________________________________? Bill: I went fishing with my friends on my holiday. 5. Marry: _______________________________________? David: My teacher feels angry.


去哪里了,怎样去,做了什么事情等等)不少于五句话。( 10分)

七、A A B A B √×××√


一、1. I have nothing to do . I’m bored . B

2. I’m sick . I get the flu. A 六、B E A C D (B CA E D) 八、 younger goes with helped was had cooked washed tired happy 九、1. How are you, Ben?

3. I often visit my grandparents on the weekend. C

4. I don’t feel well. I have a fever . C

5. My mom washed clothes yesterday evening. A

6. Zhang Peng went to a park. He flew kites . B

7. Liu Yun went fishing with her friends last weekend . A

8. Do you draw pictures? B

9. A. She read books. A

10. Does the dog eat fish ? C

二、1.× 2. × 3.√ 4.√ 5.× 6.× 7.× 8. × 9.√ 10.√

1.I’m going to go shopping on the weekend.

2.I can’t play football . My arm hurts.

3.Lily is shorter than Ben.

4.The girl likes playing the violin.

5.How do you feel? I am happy.

6、Today is Wednesday.

7、Amy is 13.Ben is 12.

8、We went to visit our grandparents last Saturday.

9、What’s the matter with you,Amy? My nose hurts.

10、Mike had a fever yesterday.

三、1. What did you do yesterday? A

2. How does Mary feel? C

3. Did you go hiking last weekend ? C

4. How heavy is Tom ? A

5. Are you taller than me ? B

四、1. matter, tired 2. took

3. yesterday, went

五.Hello.I’m Amy.I went to the zoo with my friends last Saturday.Isaw many animals there.I like them very much.My mom did housework at home.My dad read newspapers.We had a good time.

√ √ × × √

2. How tall are you? 3. Did you read books last weekend? 4. What did you do on your holiday? 5. How does your teacher feel today?

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