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class_________ name___________ number___________

Listening part 听力部分(40%)

一、 Listen and choose. 听音选词。(5%)

1、( ) A .tail B. tall C. talk

2、( ) A. watch B wash C.wear

3、( ) A. 30cm B.13cm C.33cm

4、( ) A. fly B. flew C. friend

5、( ) A. angry B. happy C.hooray

三、Listen and choose. 听音,选择正确答案的序号填在题前括号内。(10%) ( )1、What’s the matter with Sarah ?

A、 She has a toothache.

B、 She has a cold.

C、 Her leg hurts.

( ) 2、What does the boy feel ?

A、He’s sad .

B、He’s bored .

C、He’s happy .

( ) 3、how did you go to Harbin ?

A I went there by train .

B I went there by plane .

C I wen there by ship .

( ) 4 How heary is Yao Ming ?

A He is 125kg .

B He is 135kg .

C He is 74kg .

( ) 5 What did John do last weekend ?

A He visited grandparents with his mom .

B He went hiking with his friends .

C John bought presents for his brother .

四、Listen and write .听短文,填空。(10%)

Last Mike was very ________. In the morning . He ___________with his friends . They played ________ . Mike’s team won the game . They were________ . Then they ____________. In the afternoon. Mike ___________ and ___________.In the evening . he little _______ ,so he ___________early .

五、listen and tick or cross .听短文,判断对错。(10%)

1、Liu Ming is older than Wu Dong .( )

2、Wu Dong is 163cm tall.( )

3、Chen Ling is 2 years older than Wu Dong .( )

4、Wu Dong is 3kg heavier than Liu Ming .( )

5、Chen Ling is stronger and taller than Liu Ming ( )

Writing part 笔试部分(60%)

一、 Read and choose .为前面的音标选择正确的单词。(5%)

1、 chear 2 beer 3 coat

chair pear count

4 fear 5 pain

poor pine

二、Read and choose .选择。(14%)

1 This dog’s tail is long . that dog’s tail is _______.

A long B longer C heavier

2 What did you do last weekend ?__________

A I do my homework

B I went hiking .

C I had a sore throat .

3 My throat ________sore . My nose ________.

A is , hurt B are hurt C is hurts felt a

4 We’re _________have a basketball match .

A going to B go to C is going

5 How tall are you , Liu Xiang ?

A I’m 74kg . B I wear size 43 . C I’m 188cm.

6 Did you ________ your clothes on the weekend ?

A wash B washed C washes

7 Sarah: I have a toothache.

John: I’m _______ to hear that.

A glad B sad C sorry

三、look and write .照样子,写出动词的过去式。(9%)

watch TV → watched TV

sing and dance → ________________ wash clothes →___________ play football → __________________ go to a park→_____________ read a book → ________________ clean the room →_______________

四、Look and write .连词成句,并写上标点符号。(10%)

1、older I am you than


2、do last did what weekend you


3、thinner than and your shorter I’m brother


4、happy you so look


5、clean room did you your


五、read and write .阅读理解。(15%)

1、Fill in the blanks .选择正确的单词填空,把短文补充完整。

It’s Sunday afernoon. It’s sunny day. There is a basketball match

between Class 1 and Class 2. Many students are watching, They

are________.look! Mike has the ball and passes it to Wu Yifan. He

throws the ball. It’s a goal! Now John has the ball. He throws

it hardly. The ball flies to Zhang Peng’s face. Zhang Peng’s

nose______. He feels a little ________.John says sorry to Zhang

Peng and throws it again, Another goal! Zhang Peng and John are

so __________.Class 1 won the game. But Class 2 is not

________.They are laughing at John’s funny goal!

2、Tick or cross . 根据上文判断对错,对的写“T”,错的写“F”。

( )1、The weather is fine.

( )2、There is a football game between class 1 and class 2.

( )3、Wu Yifan throws the ball to John’s face.

( )4、Class 2 won the game.

( )5、At the end of the game, Class 2 feel so sad.

六、Think and write . 写一写。(7%)



听 力 稿


1、I’m 160cm.

2、How big are your feet ? I wear size 17 .

3、Mike is 13cm shorter than Zhang Peng .

4、What did you do last weekend ? I flew kites last weekend .

5、Hooray ! Class 1 won the football game .


1、What did you do last weekend ,John ? I went fishing .

2、Did you wash your clothes ,Chen Jie ? Yes ,I did .

3、What did you do yesterday ? I visited my grandparets .

4、What did you do last weekend ? I went to a park with my mom and dad .

5、Did you happy yesterday ? Yes , I went swimming ,it’s cool !


1、How do you feel ,sarah ? I not feel well , I have a toothache .

2、How are you ? Oh , I failed the math test .

3、How did you go to harbin ? I went there by plane .

4、Liu Xiang is 70kg ,Yao Ming is 125kg . How heavy is Yao Ming ?

5、hello ,Wu Yifan ,What did you do last weekend ? I visited my grandparets with

my mom , what about you ,John ? I bought presents for my brother .


last Sunday ,Mike was very happy .In the morning .he went to a park with his friend .They played football . Mike’s team won the game ,they were excited .Then they went swimming together .In the afternoon ,Mike did his homework and read a book .In the evening ,he felt a little tired ,so he went to bed early .

五、 听短文,判断对错。

Hi ,I’m Liu Ming . I’m a Chinese boy . I’m 12 years old .Wu Dong is my good friend .He is 11 years old . But he is bigger and stronger than me . I’m 160cm ,he is 163cm tall. I’m 45kg .he is 2kg heavier than me .Chen Ling is my sister . She is one year older than me , she likes sports , So she is taller and stronger than me .

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