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2007学年第二学期六年级英语期中试卷2008.4 学校 ________ 姓名_____________ 班级 ___________ 得分 __________


一、 听辨单词,选择所听到的单词的字母编号,每题读2遍。(10分)

( )1. A. seed B. see C. sick

( )2. A. know B. how C. now

( )3. A. tail B. late C. fail

( )4. A. thin B. thank C. think

( )5. A. short B. shirt C. shorter

( )6. A. feel B. feet C. foot

( )7. A. meter B. matter C. match

( )8. A. Thursday B. Saturday C. Tuesday

( )9. A. watches B. watched C. watch

( )10. A. did B. do C. does

二、 听录音,判断录音内容与图是否一致,一致的在括号里写“T”,否则写“F”。(

1. 2. 3.

( ) ( ) ( ) 4. 5. 6.

( ) ( ) ( )

7. 8.


( ) ( ) ( )


1. A. She goes to school on foot.

B. She goes to the cinema on bus.

C. She goes to the hospital by bike.

2. A. I'm fine, thank you. B. How are you? C. I'm five, thanks.

3. A. She's 145cm. B. He's 156cm. C. She's 45kg.

4. A. She did my homework yesterday.

B. Mike cleaned the table.

C. She had a fever. 9分)

5. A. Yes, he did. B. No, he doesn't. C. No, he isn't.

四.听短文,判断正误,用“√”表示正确,“×”表示错误 (共5小题,计5分)

( ) 1. Zoom was busy last weekend.

( ) 2. Zoom washed his clothes on Sunday morning.

( ) 3. Zoom didn’t do his homework. on the weekend.

( ) 4. Zoom played football Sunday.

( ) 5. Zoom was very tired and he was not happy on the weekend.







( ) 1 A pen B tail C ruler

( ) 2 A tired B bored C visited

( ) 3 A teacher B older C taller

( ) 4 A went B did C when

( ) 5 A first B four C fifteen

( ) 6 A tiger B dog C do

( ) 7 A when B can C what

( ) 8 A. often B. usually C. tomato

( ) 9. A、lake B、cold C、cool

( ) 10 A、play B、swim C、yellow


( )Amy: Hi, Tom._______1_____________

Tom: I picked apples on my uncle's

farm._____2_______ ( )Amy: ____________3____________________ How did you go to the farm? Tom: ____________4__________

Amy: Did you have a good time?

Tom: __________5_____________

Amy: Same with me.


( )I’m a new student here. Where’s Miss Gao’s office?

( )Sure.

( )It’s over there. Next to Class 2, Grade 6.

( )Excuse me, can you help me?

( )Thank you very much.

九、单项选择 (共10小题,计10分)

( )1---- What would you like?


A. I don't like beef. B. I'd like some chicken. C. I like beef.

( )2---- I have a sore throat.

---- ________________

A. Excuse me. B. You are sad. C. I am sorry to hear that.

( )3 My bag is __________ and _____________ than yours.

A. bigger; heavy B. small; lighter C. bigger; heavier

( )4 Sarah ___________ sad. What's the matter _________ her?

A. look; and B. looks; and C. looks; with ( )5 How heavy is he ? He's .

A 45kg B 45cm C 45gk ( ) 6 The girl is 1.60 tall.

A kg B cm C m ( ) 7 Amy a cold.

A have B hot C has ( ) 8 Did you hiking ?Yes ,I did

A go B went C got

( )9. I have a toothache. I’m going to the _______ .

A. park B. dentist C. teacher

( )10.--Thank you very much for the present. --__________.

A. You’re welcome. B. You are all right. C. Thanks.

十、看图,判断句子描述是否正确,正确的打“√”,错误的打“×” (6分)

1 2 3 4 5


1.Lisa listened to music yesterday evening. ( )

2. The girl is taller and stronger than the boy. ( )

3 The man is so happy because he had a fun holiday.( )

4. My math teacher is from Canada.( )

5. It means “ No bikes! ”

6. Uncle Li works in a post office.


( )1. A: What’s the matter?

B: I feel sick. I have a cold.

A: Don't worry. Take some medicine and drink more water.

( )2. A: Excuse me, where is the supermarket?

B: It’s not far. Go straight and turn left at the cinema. You can see it next to the post office.

A: Thank you very much.

B: You are welcome.

( )3. A: Happy New Year! A present for you.

B: Oh, it’s a panda. I like it. Thank you.

A: That’s all right.

( )4. A: Good morning! Can I help you?

B: Oh, I’m hungry. May I have some French fries and a hamburger?

A: OK, just a minute.

( )5. A: Hello, Mike! This is Andy, my new friend. Andy, this is Mike, my classmate. B: Nice to meet you.

C: Nice to meet you, too.




Yao Ming is the best basketball player in China. He was bo rn in(出生) Shanghai on September 12, 1980. He is 2.26 meters tall and weighs(称体重) about 134 kilogram(千克). So he is called “Little Giant”(小巨人). In 1998, he joined the Chinese Basketball All-Star Team. Now he plays for the Houston Rockets(休斯顿火箭队). Yao Ming likes playing computer games and listening to music. He wants to play best in NBA.

1. Height(身高)____________ 2. Weight(体重) __________

3.Birthday _________________

4.Birthday place(出生地)___________

5. Hobbies ______________


阅读短文,判断正误, 用“√”表示正确,“×”表示错误。(10分)

Larry is a traveler . He goes to many places. Sometimes he flies, sometimes he travels by train. Sometimes he takes buses and sometimes he goes on foot. It is a tiring job but he enjoys it.

Last week , he came to China. On Monday , he arrived at Beijing. He came by plane. He visited the Summer Palace . On Tuesday he visited the Great Wall. On Wednesday he went to the Palace Museum. He saw beautiful houses. On Thursday he went to the Chinese Ethnic Culture Park. He sang and danced. He had a great time. On Friday he went to Xi’an by train. He wrote to one of his friends , “There is so much to see in Beijing . I just don’t have enough time.” He took many pictures in Beijing . He bought some presents. Of course he ate good food, too. Beijing Duck was his favourite . Larry went shopping shopping shopping everyday.

6. Larry stayed in Beijing for one week. ( )

7. Larry went to the Great Wall last Monday. ( )

8. Larry didn’t go to Beihai Park. ( )

9 Larry didn’t eat Beijing Duck. ( )

10. Larry came to Beijing by train. ( )




1. seed 2. how 3. .tail 4. thank 5. shorter

6. feel 7. matter 8. Thursday 9. watches 10. does


1. ---- What did your mother do this morning?

---- She washed clothes.

2. ---- Did he go to work by bike?

---- Yes, he did.

3. ---- What did the girl do last night?

---- She learned English.

4. Mrs. Wang is playing the piano.

5. ---- What's the matter with you?

---- I have a fever.

6. ---- What did the children do last Saturday?

---- They saw the pandas in the zoo.

7. ---- Is the man watching TV?

---- No, he's playing chess.

8. ---- What can you see on the farm?

---- I can see two goats.

9. My mother goes shopping in the supermarket every day.


1. How does Lily go to school?

2. How are you?

3 How tall is Ben?

4. What did Mike do yesterday?

5. Did John like playing football?






二. 听录音,判断录音内容与图是否一致,一致的在括号里写“T”,否则写“F”。(9分) 1-3 TTF 4-6 TTT 7-9 FTT



四.听短文,判断正误,用“√”表示正确,“×”表示错误 (共5小题,计5分)


五.看图,圈出与图形相对应的单词 (共10小题,计10分)

1.peach 2.boy 3.book 4.hand 5.read books

6.happy 7.duck 8.swimming 9.park 10. car


1-5 BCACA 6-10 CBCAC





九、单项选择 (共10小题,计10分)

1-5 BCCCA 6-10 CCABA

十、看图,判断句子描述是否正确,正确的打“√”,错误的打“×” (6分)






1._ 2.26m(226cm)




5____playing computer games and listening to music___________

1和2 小题注意单位,没有单位不能给分;第3题加了年1980不能给分;月份和地点第一个字母没有大写不能给分;第5小题写全才给分


6-10 TFTFF

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