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( ) ( ) ( )

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二、听音, 圈出你所听到的单词6%

1. shorter stronger 2. hurt happy 3. weekend watched

4. throat thinner 5. sore sad 6. fever feel


1. 2. 3.

( ) ( ) ( )

4. 5. 6。

( ) ( ) ( )


( ) 1. A. Mike is taller than Lee. Lee is taller than Sue.

B. Mike is shorter than Lee. Lee is shorter than Sue.

C. Mike is taller than Lee, but shorter than Sue.


( ) 2. A. Sarah had a fever last night. B. She has a fever. C. No, she didn’t.

( ) 3. A. John went to the cinema yesterday afternoon.

B. John went to the cinema yesterday morning.

C. John went to the cinema with Wu Yifan yesterday afternoon.

( ) 4. A. Amy is at school today. B. Amy had a cold.

C. Amy went hiking last weekend.

( ) 5. A. She is going to see pandas. B. she saw pandas. C. She sees pandas.

( )6.A. I feel happy. B. I feel excited. C. I feel tired..


( )He visited his grandparents Saturday morning.

( )On Sunday , he played football with his friends and washed clothes.

( )They cooked noodels together.

( )In the evening, they watched TV.

( )It was his grandma’s birthday.

( )Wu Yifan was busy last weekend.

Reading and writing(读写部分)70%

一、读一读下列单词,如果划线部分发音相同则在括号中写“S”,如不同则在括号中写“D” 6%

例: bike dive ( s ) ) ) ) ) ( ) )


tall → taller watch →watched young → wash→


small→ read→ nice→ go → thin→ study→ heavy→ do →


四、选择最佳答案 15% ( ) 1. I’m than you.

A. fat B. fatter C. thin

( ) 2.My feet are bigger than A. your B. you C. yours


I’m 162 cm.

A. How big are you?

B. How tall are you?

C. How long are you?

( ) 4. What did you do yesterday?

A. I go shopping.

B. I went to shopping.

C. I went shopping.

( ) 5. Look at her, her left leg .

A. hurts B. hurt C. is hurt

( ) 6. I a headache.


A. am B. have C. has

( ) 7. What’s the matter you?

A. to B. for C. with

( ) 8.How you feel? How he feel?

A. do/does B. does/do C.are/is

( ) 9. 你想约你的朋友周末去滑冰,你可以说:

A.Let's go fishing this weekend.

B.Let's go hiking this weekend.

C.Let's go ice-skating this weekend.

( ) 10. one do you like?

A.Who B. What C. Which


1.What’s the matter, John? I .

I feel very

2. Hi, Sarah. What did you do last weekend? I .

3.A sperm whale is than a killer whale in its length. A killer whale is than a sperm whale in its size.


It was Sunday. I was very happy. the morning, dad and I then I dad in the living-room. I and



Where are you going? Yes, I am.

How heavy are you? He’s a driver.

Are you sad today? I feel sick.

What are you going to buy? She’s very happy today.

What does your father do? I’m going to Shanghai.

What’s the matter? I’m 40 kg.

How does your mother feel? She’s 154 cm tall.

How tall is she? I’m going to buy a CD.


Mr Black was a doctor. He worked in a big hospital. He was from America. He liked Chinese people and Chinese food. He got up early and went to work by car. The hospital was far from his house. He had his lunch in the canteen. He was very busy during the daytime(白天). In the evening, Mr Black watched football match. He liked football very much.

( ) 1. Mr. Black is a doctor now.

( ) 2. Mr. Black worked in a hospital.

( ) 3. He went to work on foot.

( ) 4. He was busy in the hospital.

( ) 5. Mr. Black is a football player.


1、The monkey is shorter but you are funnier.

2、Suddenly my kite flew into the lake.




听力部分 30%


1. He has a headache. 2. He has a toothache 3.She has a sore throat.

4.He is angry. 5. He is bored. 6. He has a fever.


二、听音, 圈出你所听到的单词6%

1. stronger 2.hurt 3.watched 4.throat 5. sore 6.feel


1. Do you have a fever? Yes, I do.

2. What did you do last weekend, Zoom? I washed my clothes.

3. Did you go swimming? No, I went fishing.

4. I didn’t bought presents for my friends.

5. How did you go there? I rowed a boat.

6.Look, John is shorter than Zhangpeng.

(1、√2、×3、√4、×5、√6、√ )


1. Mike is 2cm taller than Lee, but Sue is taller than Mike.

2. What was the matter with Sarah last night?

3. where did you go yesterday afternoon, John? I went to the cinema. Did Wu Yifan go with you? Yes, he did.

4. Did Amy have a cold? Yes, she did.

5. What is Sarah going to do?

6.How do you feel today? I feel tired. I played football with Mike.



Wu Yifan was busy last weekend.

He visited his grandparents Saturday morning.

It was his grandma’s birthday.

They cooked noodels together.

In the evening, they watched TV.

On Sunday , he played football with his friends and washed clothes.

(2, 6, 4, 5, 3, 1)


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