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六年级英语期中测试卷 2004.11

班级______________姓名_____________得分_____________ 听力部分 (30分)

一、 根据所听顺序,给下列单词标出序号(听两遍)6分。 A. show shoot shoe throw shall should

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) B. make take like bike cake kick ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) 二.选出与所听内容意思相近的句子(听两遍)8分。

( ) 1 A. There?s a ball in Mike?s hand. B. There isn?t Mike?s ball. C. Mike can put his ball on the head. ( ) 2 A. Miss Li is giving a telephone to Nancy. B. Miss Li and Nancy are watching the match.

C. Miss Li is giving Nancy a call about the match.

( ) 3 A. They are in the library. B. People shouldn?t park their cars beside the library. C. People shouldn?t stop near the library.

( ) 4 A. Tomorrow is Ben?s birthday. B. Ben?s birthday is on the 9th of October. C. Teachers? Day?s coming soon.

( ) 5 A. The glasses are in the bookcase. B. The glasses were in the bookcase. C. The glasses are on the books.

( ) 6 A. Lucy would like a yellow dress. B. Lily would like a white dress.

C. Lucy would like a white dress.

( ) 7.A.Gao Shan?s got a goal. B. Mike?s a goalkeeper.

C. Mike?s got a goal.

( ) 8 A. Helen has a handkerchief with flowers. B. Linda has a handkerchief with flowers. C. Helen has a handkerchief and some flowers ? 耀- ?吀所听到的问题,写出答句(听两遍)10分

1._________________________________________________ 2. _________________________________________________ 3. _________________________________________________ 4. _________________________________________________ 5. __________________________________________________ 四、根据所听的短文内容,选择最佳答案(听三遍)6分。 ( ) 1. What day is today? It?s _______________.

A. Monday B. Tuesday C. Sunday D. Saturday ( ) 2. They go to the Great Wall _____________.

A. on their bikes B. by bus C. by plane D. in a big car ( ) 3. There are _________ Chinese in the bus.

A. four B. two C. three D. one ( ) 4. The driver is a __________.

A. young man B. Japanese C. boy D. woman ( ) 5. The young man is __________.

A. listening to the other people B. talking to the other people

C. driving the bus D. selling some maps ( ) 6. Li Lei and Lin Tao get to the Great Wall at ____________.

A. half past eight B. about eight C. a quarter to eight D. eight to five 笔试部分 (70分) 一、语音(5分)


( ) 1. ( ) 2. ( ) 3. ( ) 4. ( ) 5. B、找出各组单词划线部分读音不同的那个,将序号写在题前括号内。 ( ( ( ( (

二、 英汉互译 (15分)

1.许多公共标志__________________2. 片刻之前 ____________________ 3. 把球踢给他 __________________ 4. 观看赛跑 ____________________ 5. 在六月一日 ___________________6. 在她的口袋里 ________________ 7. 坐在我前面 ___________________8. 麦克的堂兄弟 _________________ 9. 什么日期 ____________________


11. take off his costume _____________ 12. look around ___________________ 13. on the twentieth floor ____________14. go over the goal _________________ 15. Let?s wait and see. __________________ 三、用所给词的适当形式填空(5分)

1. Their father _______ very fast. Look, he ____________ in the sports hall now. (swim)

2. Where?s my camera? It(is) on the table a moment ago.

3. The students _______(watch) an ________ (excite) race now. They are very (excite) .

4. Whose are these shoes? Please put 5. (not smoke) here. I?m sorry.

Can you see a sign on the wall. It means ?No (smoke)?.

6. (do) Nancy?s brothers usually get up at six? Sure.


1. There are three girls ______ the tree. May is ______ Nancy and Helen. A. beside; at B. next to; in C. behind; between D. in; on 2. Pass some water, please.

A. We B. us C. our D. I 3. I can?t find my English books. They A. is B. was C. were D. are 4. Where was my purse?

A. Yes, it was. B. No,it wasn?t. C. On your bed. D. It?s in your pocket. 5. Which month comes after March? ___________ .

A.February B. Apirl C.May D. April 6. The girl K. They?re nice pictures. L. It?s in October. A. is asking…with B. like asking…about C.is asking…about M. I?d like a CD walkman.


7. There are _______days in a week. Today is the day of the week. A. seveth, seventh B. seven, seven C. seventh, seven D. seven, seventh 8. is it today? It?s March 2nd.

A. What day B. What date C. When D. What time 9. Look, danger! Please _____ touch it.

A. Can?t B. Not C. Don?t D. No

10. My birthday?s coming. I want a yo-yo ______ my birthday present. A. for B. as C. to D. with



( )1.Where?s John? A. It?s in July. ( )2. Where are the flowers? B. Yes, it was. ( )3. When?s your birthday? C. The students. ( )4. What would you like as a birthday present? D. Yes, it is. ( )5. Was it there a moment ago? E. It?s Monday. ( )6. Who are very happy today? F. She?s ill at home. ( )7. How is your mother? G. It?s the 20th of May. ( )8. Is it in your bag? H. Some CDs, please. ( )9. What are there? I. He?s in the study. ( )10. What date is it today? J. They?re in the vase.

六、连词成句 (5分)

1. ball, high, head, the, his, Mike, jumps, with , stops, and ( . )

___________________________________________________ 2. like , would, present, as, puppet, he, his, birthday ( ? )

___________________________________________________ 3. team, same, Sue, Lily, in , Yang Ling, and, the, are ( ? ) ____________________________________________________ 4. means, the , not , grass, walk, should, you, it, on ( . ) ____________________________________________________ 5. pair , there, VCDs, to, some, the, of, are, next, earphones ( . ) _____________________________________________________ 七、将下列句子整理成文 (8分)

Today is Ben?s birthday. His parents would like to have a birthday party for him in the evening.

A. They are back home from the shop, and put these things on the table. B. Ben blows out the candles on the cake.

C. Ben and his father clean the house and decorate (装饰) the sitting-room. D. After eating some cakes, they play and watch cartoons happily

E. In the evening, all Ben?s friends come to his house. They give him a lot of nice presents.

F. Then ( 然后)they go shopping for the party.

G. The children sing the song ?Happy Birthday to You? to Ben.

H. They buy a birthday cake, some chocolates, some fruit and some birthday candles in the shop.

_________________________________________________________________八、根据所给情景完成句子(5分) 1、你想打听对方的生日,可以问:

2、你看到一块新的交通指示牌,却不明白它的要求,可以问: 3、操场上正举行球赛,你向别人打听比分是否仍然是五比五,可以问: 4、你发现有人在图书馆里大声喧哗,你可以去提醒他们:

5、你的钢笔掉到了同学的桌下,想请同学帮你拾起来,可以说: 九、阅读下列短文并回答问题。(7分)

Mr Smith lives in a very tall building. He lives on the 14th floor. Every day he 乘电梯) up and down.

One Sunday afternoon he goes shopping with his son by car. They buy a lot of 然后) come back. Suddenly they see a notice board on the wall. It says:‘Dear sirs, there?s something wrong with the lift(电梯). Please use the stairs(楼梯)now.’

The son is very happy. He goes upstairs quickly,and Mr Smith follows him.

最后), they stand in front of their door. They are very tired. Mr Smith begins to look for his keys, but he can?t find them.

大声地叫起来),“ Oh, no, I put my keys in the car.”

1. Which floor does Mr. Smith live on?

2. What does Mr. Simth do one Sunday afternoon?

3. Do they buy many things?

4. Is there anything wrong with the lift?

5. How do they get to their home at last?

6. Can Mr. Smith find his keys?

7. Where are his keys?


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