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Teaching and Research Centre of Nanjing Xueda Education


主编人: 李娟


1.你想知道别人星期日干什么,你应该问:( )

A. What are you going to do this Sunday ?

B. What do you do on Sundays ?

C. What do you have on Sundays ?

2.你想知道别人上什么课你应该问: ( )

A. What classes do you like ?

B. What class are you in ?

C. What class do you have ?

3.你想知道该不该上课了,你应该问: ( )

A. It’s time for class .

B. Is it time to have class ?

C. When does the class begin ?

4.如果你想告诉别人,班上新来的男孩很滑稽,你应该说: (

A. The boy is funny .

B. The boy is happy .

C. The boy is young .

5.把东西给别人,你应该说: ( )

A. Give you .

B. Here you are .

C. Get it down .

6.怎样询问别的长相或性格( )

A. What does she like ?

B. What’s he like ?

C. What does she like to do ?

7.别人说:“Let’s play computer games .”你回答: ( )

A. Good idea .

B. No ,thanks .

C. Yes ,please .

8.询问时间应该说: ( )

A. What’s time is it ?

B. When do you know ?

C. Do you have a watch ?

9.初次见面时怎样问好: ( )

A. Hello .How are you ?

B. Nice to meet you .

C. Nice to meet you again .

10.想知道今天几月几日,应该问: ( )

A. What day is it today ? )


Teaching and Research Centre of Nanjing Xueda Education

B. what is the date today ?

C. What time is it now ?

11.当你的朋友建议和你一起去公园时,应该说: ( )

A. Do you like the zoo ?

B.I would like to .

C. Let’t go to the zoo .

12.当你想知道别人的卧室怎么样时,你应该问: ( )

A. What’s your bedroom like ?

B. What about your bedroom ?

C. May I see your new bedroom ?

13.你想问别人午饭吃什么时,你应该问: ( )

A. What do you have for lunch ?

B. What would you like for lunch ?

C. What do you have for dinner ?

14.你想知道谁的生日在三月,你会问: ( )

A. When is your birthday ?

B. Is your birthday in March ?

C. Who has a birthday in March ?

15.你想问什么时候去香港,你会问: ( )

A. When is the best time to Hongkong ?

B. When do you go to Hongkong ?

C. When is the best time to Macao ?

16.当你需要考虑下回答时,你会说: ( )

A.Let’s have a look .

B.Let me see .

C.Let’s go to school .

17.如果你是超市工作人员,看到顾客进来,你应该说: ( )

A.Welcome !How are you ?

B.Can I help you ?

C.See you later .

18.如何表达你想尝试做一件事情: ( )

A.I like it very much .

B.I would like to have a try .

C.It’s good .

19.你想知道新来的老师是谁,你应该问: ( )

A.What’s your new teacher ?

B.Who’s your new teacher ?

C.What’s you new teacher ?


1、She h___ a yellow sweater. It's very n___. But it's too small. She n___ a new one. So she goes to Hua xing Clothes Store with h___ mother on Sunday.


Teaching and Research Centre of Nanjing Xueda Education

There are lots o___ clothes and she l___ a blue sweater v ___ much, but it's too b___. At last, they buy a green sweater at a good price. It's only ¥30!

2、A lot of people think that animals in the zoo are happy, but m_____ of them are sad. Do you know why? Animals like tigers, lions, and bears usually live in f_____ or mountains. They run, jump, play with their children and catch small animals’ f____ food. But now they have to stay in c____ or small rooms in the zoo. They do nothing but eat,walk and sleep every day.

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