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Class:________ Name:________

我抽测的理想分数: __________ 我的竞争对手:___________

1.Personal Information (个人情况)

对话一: -What’s your name? -My name is Lily.

-When you born? -I born Jan, 3rd, 2002.

-How old are you? -I’m 11 year old.

-class are you in?-I’m Class One, Grade Six.

对话二:- -My favorite class is - is your favourite teacher? -My favorite teacher is - is your classroom? -My classroom is on third floor.

-How many people are there in your -There are three people in my family.


-What your father do? -He is an artist.

-What ? -She is tall and pretty. She long and curly hair.

对话三:- -My phone number is 88279025.

-’s your e-mail address? -My e-mail address is .

-(问频率)do you send -Not so often. Just once a week.

e-mails to your friends?

对话四:-What’s your hobby? -My hobby is playing chess.

-good at it? -Yes, I am.

-How often do you play chess? -Every day.

-Who do you often play chess with? -I often play with my father.

对话五:-Where(问地点) are you from? -I’m from China.

- do you live? -I live in Beijing.

-do you go to school? -I go to school car.

2. Weather(天气)

对话一:-What’s the weather like(像…一样) today? -It’s a sunny day.

-’s your favourite season? Why? -My favourite season is summer. Because I can swim

and eat ice-cream in summer.

对话二:-It’s a snowy day. What are you going -I’m going to make a snowman with my friends. -What’s the weather going to be like -It’s going to be a sunny day. What clothes are you going tomorrow? to wear tomorrow?

-I’m going to wear my new coat and


3. Trip and Travel Plan(旅行)

对话一:- did you go on summer vacation? -I -Where is Wuhan? -It’China. -What did you do there? -I -How -It

-Where you ’d like to go to Australia.


-What do you know about Australia? -Australia is in Oceania. It’s famous

for kangaroos and koalas.

-What language do people speak -People there speak English.


4. Countries and Cities(国家和城市)

对话一:-Where would you like to go this winter vacation?

- (I’d=I would) -What do you know about Paris?

-It’s in France. It’s the Eiffel Tower.

- do people speak there?

-People there speak French.

5.Animals (动物)

对话一:-What kind of animal are crocodiles? -They’re (They’re=they are) reptiles

对话二:-What kind of animal is a shark? -It’s a fish.

-I want to see it. Where should I go? -You should go to Ocean World.

-Where(where问地点) is Ocean World? -It’s 对话三: -It’s (It’s=It is) from the ocean.

-How -It’s 150 tons.

对话四:-It’s insect. It beautiful. It have 的三单形式)two beautiful wings.

-It look(三单) like a flower. It’s a butterfly.

描述一:-I like ostrich. They’re bird. They are tall. They can run

6.Feelings (个人情感)

对话一:-How are you? -I’m (I’m =I am) nervous.

-Why? -I’表计划,用于一般将来时)sing 对话二:-Today is Monday. You look surprised. why 问原因)?

-I’m surprised

7.Famous People (名人)

对话一:-Do you know about Mei Lanfang?

-Yes, I do. He was Chinese. He was actor.

-(when 问时间) was he born?

-He was born -(why 问原因)is he ?

-He is

8.Life in the Future (未来生活)

对话一:- in the future?

-I will( will 后加动词原形) be a detective.

- in the future?

-I will travel around the world.

-Where will youin the future?

-I will live - -I think people will go to Mars

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