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市第一小学五年级英语期中测试 08、11



( ) 1. A. puppet B. puzzle C. pumpkin D. put ( ) 2. A.big B. pig C.park D.back ( ) 3. A.father B. family C.fat D.farmer ( ) 4. A.Sunday B.Saturday C.start D.slide ( ) 5. A. follow B.flower C. four D. for ( ) 6. A. picture B.parent C. play D. park ( ) 7. A. house B. mouse C. blouse D. horse ( ) 8. A. I like cooking. B. I can cook. C. I’m a cook. D.I’ d like a cook.

( ) 9. A. make a model plane B. make model planes

C. make a kite D. make some kites

( ) 10. A. He can play the piano. B. She can play the guitar

C. He can play the violin. D. She can play football 二、根据你所听到的句子,选择正确的应答。(10分)

( ) 1. A. Yes,please. B. Let’s go. C. Yes ,you’re right. ( ) 2. A. Sure. Which do you like? B. Yes, I can. C. You are right.

( ) 3. A. Don’t worry. B. I won’t C. Yes, Mr Green.

( ) 4. A.Yes, they are. B. There is only one.

C. There are three gardens.

( ) 5.A. She’s in the music room.

B. No, he’s having a music lesson. C. He’s in the computer room. 三、根据所听的对话及问题,选择正确答案。(10分)

( ) 1. A. He likes oranges. B. He likes pears

C. He likes grapes

( ) 2. A. He is behind the table. B. He is near the table. C. He is near Kate.

( ) 3. A. It’s green. B. It’s orange. C. It’s red.

( ) 4. A. No, it isn’t. B. Yes, it is. C. No, there isn’t.

( ) 5.There are 17. B. There are 22 C. There are 29.


1. Is there a ______ in your house?

_______, there ______.

2. _______ you _______?

No, I ______.

3. What’s in ______ Two?

There are ______ _______.

4. What do you like?

I like ______.



1. old(反义词) _______ 2. study (复数) ________

3. let’s (完整形式) ________ 4. too (同音词) _________

5. there (同音词) ________ 6. those (单数) ________

7.box (复数) _________ 8.on (反义词) ________

9.sister (对应词) _________ 10.he (宾格) _________


1. 第一天 _____________ 2. in the building ____________ 3. 三间卧室 __________ 4. the girl in a red hat__________ 4. 骑自行车 ___________ 6. at a music lesson ___________ 7. 多少(钱)__________ 8. buy some masks ____________ 9. 一张世界地图 ___________ 10. eat some noodles ___________


( ) 1. ______ there any milk in the fridge?

A. Are B. is C. Is

( ) 2. Where _______ the music rooms?

A. is B. are C. am

( ) 3. What do they like? They like _______.

A. picture book B. picture books C. pictures books

( ) 4.What’s _______ the tree? Oh, he’s my brother, Mike.

A. at B. on C. in

( ) 5.There _____ a pair of glasses under the bed.

A. is B. are C. am

( ) 6. I can see _______ umbrella behind the door.

It’s ________ yellow umbrella.

A.an, a B. an, an C. an, the

( ) 7.I can _____ the violin. I like _______ the violin.

A. play, play B.play, playing C. playing, play

( ) 8.We have a Chinese lesson _____ Saturday morning.

A. on B. in C.at

( ) 9. Which boy? The one ______ blue eyes.

A. with B. in C. on

( ) 10.They ______ work on Saturdays ____Sundays.

A. aren’t and B. don’t or C. don’t and


1. 我们去那儿玩好吗? 好主意。

Shall we _______ and _______ there. Good ________. 2. 这个女孩会跳舞,但是那个男孩不会。他会唱歌。

The girl can ________. But the boy _______. He can _______. 3. 他们想要为万圣节买些东西。

They ______ ______ ______ buy things ______ a Halloween party.


1. A: __________ there ________ juice in the fridge?

B: Let me ________ . Oh,no,there _______.

What about ________ milk ?

A: OK.

B: ________ you are.

2. A:_______ you sing the song?

B: No, I can’t

A: What ______ you _______ ?

B: I can _______ the guitar.


This is a picture of our class. You can see twenty-eight boys and twenty-seven girls in our class. There is an English student in our class. His name is David. His English is very good. We all like him. He likes eating bread and cakes. He likes drinking milk and apple juice. We like eating rice and drinking tea. We are very happy together.

( ) 1. How many students are there in the classroom.?

A. twenty-eight B. fifty-five C. twenty-seven

( ) 2. David likes eating ________.

A. cakes B. apples C. bread and akes

( ) 3.David likes drinking ________.

A. apple juice B. milk C. milk and apple juice

( ) 4.What do the Chinese students like eating and drinking ?

A. rice and tea B. bread and milk C. cakes and juice

( ) 5.Where is David from?

A. China B. England C.Japan

七、阅读短文,判断对错.对的写 “T”, 错的写 “F”。 (5分)

Hello,I’m Liu Ming. I’m a student. My brother Liu Tao, my sister Liu Hong and I are in the same school. My father and mother are doctors. On Saturdays and Sundays, they don’t work. They often go to the park with our little dog, Bobby. My father likes swimmming, but my mother doesn’t. My mother can play table tennis, but my father can’t. My brother likes playing football, but I don’t. I like playing basketball. My sister likes playing basketball,too.We often play it in our school.

( )1. There are five people(人) in Liu Ming’s family.

( )2.Liu Ming’s parents are teachers.

( )3.Liu Ming’s parents often go to the park on Saturdays and Sundays.

( )4. Liu Ming’s mother likes swimming.

( )5. Liu Ming’s father can play table tennis.


一 、听录音,选择你所听到的单词。(10分)

1. puzzle 2. back 3. fat 4. Satueday 5. flower

6. park 7. blouse 8. I can cook. 9. make a model plane

10. He can play the piano.


1. Would you like a cup of tea ?

2. The sweaters are nice. Can I have one?

3. Don’t be late again, Mike.

4. How many slides are there in the garden?

5. Where is your brother?


1. A: Helen,do you like grapes?

B: Yes. But how about Mike?

A: He likes pears.

Q: What does Mike like?

2. A: Who’s the boy near Kate ?

B: He’s Mike.

Q: Where’s Mike ?

3. A: My school bag is orange. The green one is Nancy’s. B: What colour is David’s?

A: Brown.

Q: What colour is Nancy’s school bag?

4. A: What’s in your bedroom?

B: There’s a desk in my bedroom. There’s a lamp on the desk. Near the desk,

there’s a bookcase.

Q: Is the lamp in the bookcase?

5. A: In our school,there are two buildings.

There are 12 classrooms and 5 offices in building One.

B: Are there any classrooms in Building Two?

A:Yes. There are 2 reading rooms and 10 classrooms

in Building Two.

Q: How many classrooms are there in the school?


1. Is there a study in your house?

No, there isn’t.

2. Can you dance?

No, I can’t.

3. What’s in Room Two?

There are two models.

4. What do you like?

I like running.

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