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2011学年下学期四年级英语期末复习听力材料 doc

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1. My uncle is 52 years old now.

2. The sweater is 215 yuan 30 fen.

3. I usually have breakfast at 7:35.

4. Those soldiers look tall and handsome.

5. That teenager is jumping high.

6. Chinese women athletes are good at weight-lifting.

7. Mrs Red likes playing chess very much.

8. We have some chicken, cabbages and roast beef for dinner today.

9. There’s a cartoon on TV at 6:00 this evening.

10. The trousers are 14 dollars 40 cents.

11. The children are singing a birthday song.

12. China Team has got 51 gold medals from the 2008 Olympic Games.

13. I think that music programme is interesting.

14. I would like some purple grapes.

15. The pupils are listening to the teacher in the classroom.


A .The reporter is hard-working and patient.

B. The boy is doing the high jump now.

C. The cute baby is my cousin. He’s only one year old.

D. The boy isn’t watching TV. He’s listening to the radio.

E. I usually have a bottle of milk and some toast for breakfast.

F. There are three candles on the birthday cake.

G. The boy wants to have some chips and milk.

H. The tomatoes look fresh. They’re 4.8 yuan a kilo.

I. My brother is good at playing the guitar.

J. The girl has a gold medal. She’s excited.



1. The boy in a T-shirt is singing.

2. The boy and his parents are watching TV now.

3. The peppers look fresh. I want to buy some.

4. His father is listening to the radio in the bedroom.

5. The boys are swimming in the swimming pool.

6. The boy doesn’t like fish.

7. The children are doing housework at 7:30 in the evening.

8. He’s doing the long jump now.

9. The dog likes milk very much.

10. Look, they are playing basketball now.


1. They are good at.

2. The alien is three old.

3. Look, the children are .

4. Your part is very5. Chinese people like 6. The girl is 7. The pupils of Class 1 like the 8. Sally is .

9. Wang Xin is 10. I want two of.

11. How much do they cost? They are 2 12. Jill is to music there.

13. are you?

14. My father likes food. He likes dim-sum .

15. Who’s the lady wearing a


1. Do the children like watching the play?

2. What vegetables do you like?

3. How much do the grapes cost?


4. Is Yao Ming playing basketball now?

5. Can I have the pasta?

6. Are you playing ball games with Dim?

7. How old is your sister?

8. What is the lady doing?

9. What’s your favourite sport?

10. Is the man running fast or slowly?

11. Are there any teenagers in the room?

12. Does your mother often read books?



1. The old lady is doing the high jump.

2. Some boys are playing basketball.

3. Some children are running in the picture.

4. There is only one girl in the picture.

5. The children are having fun now.


1. ---Do you need any coffee? ---Yes, we do.

2. ---How much are the carrots? --- They are 2 dollars a kilo.

3. ---What can I do for you, Miss White? --- I want some fresh tomatoes.

4. ---Can I have the Chinese cabbage soup? ---Yes. Here you are.

5. ---Would you like some milk, Li Ming? ---No, thanks. I’d like a cup of tea.


1. What time is it?

2. What are they doing?

3. What do they have for dinner?

4. Is the boy wearing a cap?

5. What is the alien doing?



(I) I’m Sally. Today is my birthday. I’m ten years old. I’m having a birthday party. My grandpa, dad, mum and my friend Julia are at the party. Julia is playing the guitar. My mum and I are singing and dancing. I have got a lot of presents. I have new a computer from my mum and dad. We are very happy today.

(II)Today is Sunday. Tom is playing football with his friends. He’s good at playing football. Tom’s father is fishing in the sea. He likes fishing very much. Tom’s grandfather is very old, but he’s still strong. He’s swimming in the sea. What is Tom’s mother doing? She’s sitting on a chair and talking with Tom’s grandmother. They are talking about a TV play. They think it’s very interesting. They’re all having great fun!

(III) Mum: Jimmy, come here, dinner is ready.

Jimmy: What’s for dinner, Mum?

Mum: Eggs, beef, tomatoes, potatoes. What would you like to eat?

Jimmy: I don’t like these, Mum.

Mum: What would you like to eat then?

Jimmy: Hamburgers and coke.

Mum: But we don’t have any of them today, Jimmy. I think they aren’t good for


Jimmy: You are right, mum.


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