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学校 姓名 得分



一、听录音,选出你所听到的内容。(听两遍) (10分)

( ) 1、 A. doll B. dog C. bus D. don’t

( ) 2、 A. open B. pen C. crayon D. ball pen

( ) 3、 A. 97 B. 67 C. 37 D. 87

( ) 4、 A. 10:15 B. 10:50 C. 2:12 D.2:20

( ) 5、 A. he B. she C. we D. see

( ) 6、 A. write B. white C. what D. water

( ) 7、 A. bread B. balloon C. blue D. bird

( ) 8、 A. purse B. puzzle C. puppet D. perhaps

( ) 9、 A. shorts B. shoes C. socks D. so

( ) 10、A. thirty B. thirteen C. forty D. thirsty


1、 2、 3、 4、

( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

5、 6、 7、 8、

( ) ( ) ( ) ( )



1、 2、 3、

( ) ( ) ( )

4、 5、 6、

( ) ( ) ( )


( ) 1、 A. Yes, I do. B. Yes, it is. C. Yes, I can.

( ) 2、 A. She’s in the kitchen. B. It’s on your desk. C. It’s my purse.

( ) 3、 A. Thank you. B. Not at all. C. That’s all right.

( ) 4、 A. At six twenty. B. It’s six thirty. C. Five.

( ) 5、 A. It’s Mike’s. B. They’re Nancy’s. C. She’s Nancy.


一、判断划线部分发音是否相同,相同的打“√”,不同的打“X”。 (8分)

1、 2、 3、 4、 5、 6、 7、 8、


1、看一看 2、用英语3、她的玩具老虎 4、迈克的大鞋子

5、在八点十分 6、上床睡觉7、 8、9、Happy Teachers’ 10、Don’


1、( )— I’m tired. —

A. Here’s a glass water. B. Sit down, please. C. Have a hamburger, please.

2、( )— It’s 4:30 in the afternoon. Shall we ?

A. go to school B. have lunch. C. go home


3、( )— It’s nine. Go to bed, David. — All right._______, Mum.

A. Good night. B. Good morning. C. Good evening.

4、( )— Do you like this ___________ ? Yes, I do. I like ___________ .

A. dolls, dolls B. doll, dolls C. doll, doll

5、( )— What’s the matter? — A. Fine, thank you. B. I’m too hot. C. It’s eleven.

6、( )— the dress? — It’s on the bed.

A. What’s B. Whose C. Where’s

7、( )— you like dolls? — A. Do; Yes, I do. B. Do; Yes, I don’t. C. Do; No, I do.

8、( )— kites for you.

A. This; are B. These; are C. It’s; is

9、( )— Is that your mother’s bike? — Yes, it’s _______ bike.

A. his B. he C. her

10、( )— What time you get up? — I get up six twenty-five.

A. are; at B. do; it’s C. do; at



( )1、Is this your jacket? A. I'm ill.

( )2、What’s the time? B. They’re my father’s. ( )3、Shall we copy it now? C. She’s in the classroom. ( )4、What's the matter? D. Yes, I do.

( )5、My pencil is too short. E. At four.

( )6、What time do you go home? F. Thank you.

( )7、Where is Miss Li? G. You can have this long one. ( )8、Do you like puppets? H. Four thirty.

( )9、Whose jeans are they? I. All right.

( )10、Here’s a kite for you. J. No, it isn’t.

五、选词填空, 注意大小写。(8分)

your books, let’s these new words.

3. nine and eleven? It’s twenty.

4. I’d like to some milk.

5. I have a storybook for Helen?

you go to bed now?

7. I like that tiger. it for me, please.


1. Oh, what’s the matter?

2. I’m sorry. Are you ill?

3. Good morning! How are you?


4. I’m tired.

5. No, I’m not ill.

6. Thank you very much.

7. Not so good.




A: Mum, it’s Teacher’s Day. I’d like a card for my teacher.

B: OK, here’s a green one on the desk.

A: Thank you, Mum. what’s the time, please.

B: It’s seven now.

A: Oh, I’m late. Where’s my school bag?

B: It’s on the bed.

A: Mum, shall we go by bus?

B: OK. Let’s close the door.

( ) 1. It’s Teacher’s Day.

( ) 2. His school bag is on the desk.

( ) 3. They go to school by bike.

( ) 4. They go to school at seven.


A Clock and a Watch We can tell the time by a clock or by a watch. A clock is big; it is usually on the wall or on the table. A watch is small; we can put it in the pocket (口袋), or wear it on the wrist(手腕)! A clock or a watch usually has a round face. It has two hands, a long one and a short one. Tom’s clock can speak and call him to get up every day. His watch has a picture of a lovely dog on the face. He likes it very much.


( ) 1. Where do people usually put a clock?

A. On the wall. B. On the bed. C. On the wrist. D. On the desk.

( ) 2. How many hands has a clock?

A. One. B. Two. C. Four. D. Five.


A. a lovely dog B. a lovely clock. C. a lovely watch D. both B and C

( ) 4. Tom’s clock can call him to


A. get down B. get up C. go to school D. go home




一、听录音,选出你所听到的内容。(听两遍) (10分)

1、don’t 2、pen 3、67 4、10:50 5、we

6、write 7、blue 8、purse 9、socks 10、 thirsty


1. —Draw a bear for me, please. —OK.

2. —What’s the time, mum? —It’s six ten. It’s time to get up.

3. —What’s the matter? —I’m hungry.

4. —Whose socks are they? —They’re my socks.

5. —This ruler is for Gao Shan. —All right.

6. —Whose sweater is this? —Perhaps it’s Miss Li’s.

7. —What’s that in English? —It’s a toy car.

8. —Where’s the pencil? —It’s in the basket.


1. —What’s this in English? —It’s a toy dog.

2. —Hi, Liu Tao. What’s the matter with you? —I’m ill. —I’m sorry.

3. —What’s the time, dad? —It’s eight thirty. It’s time to have lunch.

4. —Don’t eat in the classroom, please. —All right.

5. —What’s four and seven? —It’s eleven.

6. —This ball pen is for Su Yang. —All right.


1. Is this your shorts?

2. Where’s Su Hai?

3. Don’t drink the juice, please.

4. What time do you watch TV?

5. Whose gloves are they?


一、1、D 2、B 3、B 4、B 5、C 6、A 7、C 8、A 9、C 10、D

二、4 7 1 5 3 6 2 8

三、1、F 2、T 3、F 4、T 5、F 6、F

四、1、B. 2、A 3、C 4、A 5、B


一、1、√ 2、X 3、X 4、√ 5、√ 6、X 7、X 8、X

二、1、have a look 2、in English 3、her toy tiger 4、Mike’s big shoes 5、at eight ten

6、go to bed 7、读新单词。 8、试试这一双/条。 9、教师节快乐! 10、别担心/着急。 三、1、B 2、C 3、A 4、B 5、B 6、C 7、A 8、B 9、C 10、C

四、1、J 2、H 3、I 4、A 5、G 6、E 7、C 8、D 9、B 10、F

五、1、Sit 2、Open,read 3、What’s 4、drink 5、May 6、don’t 7、Draw

六、3 7 2 5 1 4 8 6

七、(一) 1、T 2、F 3、F 4、T (二) 1、A 2、B 3、D 4、B

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