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(Module 1--- Module 2)


一、听句子三次, 按所读的顺序,把其大写字母编号写在相应的括号内。10%

A. The man is listening to the radio.

B. The girl is blowing out a candle.

C. Mike likes playing musical instrument.

D. The boy is reading a story book.

E. This is a birthday cake.

F. The slim lady is playing the guitar.

G. Look, Mr.﹠Mrs. Webb are dancing.

H. My grandmother and grandfather are cooking.

I. The old man with a hat is fishing by the lake.

J. The boys are helping their parents with the housework.


4. Today is my birthday. I’

6. I’



1. The man is painting. 2. They are watching TV.

3. The young woman is skipping. 4. The man is running.

5. The girl is playing table tennis. 6. The cook is reading a book.

7. The boy is swimming. 8. Jack is playing basketball.

9. The man is playing a musical instrument.

10. Janet is blowing out the birthday candles.



1. How old are you? 2. Happy birthday!

3. Are they playing tennis? 4. What does he do?

5. Who's playing the guitar? 6. What are they doing?

7. What do you usually do on Sunday?

8. Do you help your mother with housework every day?

五、听句子三次,写出句子中所缺的单词。6% Yes, she is. No, he isn’t.

六、听短文三次,判断下列句子是否符合短文内容,如符合请在括号内写“T”, 否则写“F”。6%

Lily is ten years old today. Her family is having a birthday party for her. Her mother is in the kitchen. She is making a birthday cake. Lily’s father is in the living-room. He is cutting the apples for Lily and her friends. Lily is wearing a pink dress today. She is playing computer games with her friends in the study. She looks pretty and excited.



(Module 3--- Module 4)



A. Sam is good at skating.

B. Xiaoling is good at skipping.

C. Look, the girl is running fast.

D. The people are enjoying the play.

E. The man is working on the computer.

F. Mike and Ben are good at playing table tennis.

G. Jack is playing badminton.

H. Jiamin is doing the long jump.

I. Lucy likes painting pictures.

J. The boys are playing football.


二、听句子三次,选出句子含有的信息,把其字母编号写在括号内。10% 3. Who’s

三、听句子三次,判断所读的句子是否符合图意,如符合请在括号里写“T”, 否则写“F”。10%

1. They’re listening to the radio.

2. Ben is doing the high jump.

3. They are jumping and running.

4. The lady is reading a book.

5. The children are doing their homework.

6. They’re watching TV.

7. The two girls are skipping.

8. They are enjoying a concert.

9. Sally is having breakfast.

10. Jack is playing the guitar.


1. Is the boy jumping high or low?

2. What does your father do?

3. What programmes do you like?

4. Are the children having fun?

5. Do you often watch TV?

6. What’s your mother doing?

7. Are you good at swimming?

8. What do you think of the film?


五、听句子三次,写出句子中所缺的单词。7% 2. Some children are .

3. Li Na is at playing tennis.

4. What do you think of the ?

5. Mary doesn’t like wearing the school .

6. My grandfather likes listening to music programmes and .

六、听对话三次,判断下列句子是否符合对话内容,如相符在括号里写“T”, 否则写“F”。5%

Sally: Hello, Uncle Tim. Come in, please.

Uncle Tim: Thank you. Happy birthday, Sally. This is a birthday present for you. Sally: A new game! Thank you so much, Uncle Tim.

Uncle Tim: Where are your mum and dad?

Sally: Mum's making the cake in the kitchen. Dad’s in the garage.

Uncle Tim: What’s he doing in the garage?

Sally: He’s washing the car. This afternoon, we’ll go fishing in the sea. Uncle Tim: Going fishing in the sea? That's funny.

Sally: Yes. Would you like to go with us?

Uncle Tim: Yes, of course.



一、 听句子三次,请选出句子中含有的信息,把所选答案的字母编号写在括号


1. The grapes look fresh. They are 40 yuan a kilo.

2. There isn't any rice in the bag.

3. I like dumplings. They are delicious.

4. Would you like a bottle of orange juice?

5. I don't like onions, and I don't like peppers, either.

6. There are some glasses on the table.

7. My grandmother likes TV plays best.

8. My favourite sport is swimming.

9. She's enjoying music now.

10. Can I have a cup of coffee, please?


二、 听句子三次,根据所读的顺序,把大写字母编号写在相应的括号内。(10%)

A. I usually have bread for breakfast.

B. There are some bowls over there.

C. The tomatoes look good.

D. There is some milk in the fridge.

E. I'd like to have some chocolate.

F. My little brother likes eating chicken.

G. We need to buy some eggs.

H. I don't like coffee. I like orange juice.

I. The white T-shirt costs 50 yuan.

J. The bananas are five yuan a kilo.


1. Can I have some water, please?

2. How much are the carrots?

3. What would you like to have for breakfast?

4. Would you like some salad?

5. Do you often have vegetables for dinner?

6. What is the boy doing?

四、 听句子三次,判断句子的内容是否与图一致,如一致,请在相应的括号里写“T”,否则写“F”。(8%)

1. I'd like some fried noodles for lunch.

2. The boy is enjoying reading now.

3. The Chinese cabbages are one dollar and eighty cents a kilo.

4. Today is Tony's birthday. Happy birthday, Tony!

5. That isn't a pizza. It's a hamburger.

6. The children are playing basketball now.

7. There are two plates of fish on the table.

8. The coke is two yuan and fifty fen a bottle.


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 5


There is a big shop near Janet's home. You can buy many things in the shop. Janet often goes shopping with her mother on Sunday. It's Sunday now. There are many people in the shop. Janet and her mother are in the shop, too. They want to buy some food for dinner. They are buying a kilo of beef, a kilo of fish and two kilos of eggs. They are all very cheap. The shop assistants are very friendly.



听力材料及参考答案(Module 1— Module 6)


一、 听句子三次,请选出句子中含有的信息,把所选答案的字母编号写在括号


1. The carrots are six yuan a kilo.

2. My mother is 45 years old, but she looks young.

3. Many children like playing computer games.

4. I think news is important.

5. Mary is good at making the model plane.

6. My father is giving me a present.

7. The boy is blowing out the birthday candles.

8. I'd like to have chips and hamburgers for dinner.

9. The children are reading story-books in the classroom now.

10. There is a bag of potatoes in the kitchen.

二、 听句子三次,根据所读的顺序,把大写字母编号写在相应的括号内。(10%)

A. The pretty girl is dancing well.

B. The present is not cheap. It’s 100 dollars.

C. These vegetables look good and fresh. Let’s buy some.

D. I’m hungry. I’d like to have two pieces of toast.

E. I’d like to buy a pair of white shorts.

F. The boy is good at doing the long jump.

G. I think we can have some coffee.

H. Give me two glasses of water, please.

I. I often have pizza and hamburgers. They are delicious.

J. There is some food in the fridge.



1. Is the man 35 years old?

2. Do the boys often play football in the afternoon?

3. Can I have some ice cream?

4. What programmes does your father like?

5. What would you like to have for breakfast?

6. How much are the dumplings?

四、 听句子三次,判断句子的内容是否与图一致,如一致,请在相应的括号里


1. There are three cups of tea in the picture.

2. I often have coffee for breakfast.

3. The girl is good at singing.

4. That’s a bowl of rice noodles.

5. Her favourite sport is the long jump.

6. Today is my mother’s birthday.

7. The potatoes are five yuan a kilo.

8. The boy is running fast.

五、听句子三次,请写出句子中所缺的单词。(10%) 4. Let’’


Today is Saturday. It’s Kate’s birthday. Kate and her friends are not at school. They are in Kate’s house. They are having a birthday party. There is a birthday cake, three bottles of orange juice, two boxes of chocolates and some bananas on the table. The cake is big. There are nine candles on the cake. Kate is wearing a birthday hat and blowing the birthday candles. Kate’s friends are singing the birthday song. They are all happy.








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