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1. A. The children are planting trees.

B. The children are running fast. The girl runs faster than the boy.

C. The children are making a snowman.

D. The children are jumping. Jim jumps higher than Tom.

2. A. I prefer sea food. It’s more delicious than vegetables and peaches.

B. I prefer chips and coke. They’re more delicious than sandwiches.

C. I prefer rice and chicken. I don’t like sea food at all.

D. I prefer the hamburger. It’s the most delicious food of the three. I like it best.

3. A. The child likes skating. But he can’t skate well.

B. The child likes skiing very much. He often skis in the mountains in winter.

C. The child wakes up very early in the morning. And he gets dressed quickly.

D. The child is good at playing the piano. She wants to be a music teacher when she grows up.

4. A. It’s a windy day and it’s very cool. We should put on more warm clothes.

B. It’s a cloudy day and it’s cold too. The temperature is about 2 - 6℃.

C. It’s a sunny day and it’s very hot. We had better stay at home.

D. It’s a rainy day and it will rain hard. We should take the umbrellas when we go out.


1. It’s a rainy day today.

2. My uncle always goes to work by underground.

3. Blue whales are the biggest animals in the world.

4. John is taller than Peter.

5. A: What’s the matter with the boy? B: He has a toothache.

6. Janet runs faster than Xiaoling.

7. The girl often plays the piano at half past eight.

8. The lady doesn’t feel well. She has a stomachache.

9. We can see some chips and peaches in the picture.

10. It’s sunny. He feels very hot.


1. He does his homework for an hour after dinner.

2. The temperature will be 7℃-18℃ tomorrow. It will be cool.

3. There are about one thousand two hundred and forty pupils in our school.

4. How much fruit do you have every day?


5. You shouldn’t eat too much chocolate.

6. The train will leave for Hong Kong at a quarter to ten in the evening.

7. Please take the medicine three times a day.

8. Which do you prefer, tea, milk or coffee?

9. Blue whales are the biggest animals in the world.

10. May’s school is bigger than Mike’s.

11. It’s windy and rainy today.

12. A: What languages do you usually speak at school? B: English or Chinese.


1. Different people like different foods.

2. Do you have pork or sea food every day?

3. I’m really worried about him. Can he catch up with his classmates soon?

4. Your bike is better than mine.

5. Your classes begin at 7:45. So you have to get up earlier than us.

6. The students are going to see the film about dinosaurs.

7. I want to be her pen friend.

8. It’s cloudy. It’s going to rain.

9. Wake up and get dressed quickly, Xiaoling.

10. Which do you prefer, grapes or peaches?

11. Let’s have dinner together.

12. It’s much colder today than yesterday.

13. Those kinds of trees can be 20 metres tall.

14. Sharks are my favourite animals.

15. The goldfish swims more slowly than the shark, but it swims faster than the turtle.


1. What time does your mother get up?

2. Does Mingming need to do her homework after school?

3. How does Xiaoling go to school?

4. Could you help me?

5. Hello! May I speak to Mrs Chen?

6. What’s the matter with you?

7. Would you like to visit our school, Tom?

8. What’s the weather like today?

9. What is the temperature today?

10. Where do whales live?

11. Welcome to our country,Miss White.

12. What languages do you usually speak at school?

13. Are there any trees in your new school?

14. Where shall we have dinner?

15. Which do you prefer, hamburgers or pizza?

16. How often do they e-mail each other?


17. What animals run fastest in the world?

18. What does a cheetah look like?


1. A: What season does your father like best, Janet?

B: I think it’s winter, because he likes skiing in the mountains.

Question: Does Janet’s father like skating or skiing in winter?

2. A: Do you study in a new school this term, Mike?

B: Yes, I do. Our new school is bigger and more beautiful than the old one. There are

one thousand five hundred pupils in the new school.

Question: How many pupils are there in Mike’s new school?

3. A: Wang Ping, what food do you want to have, noodles or rice noodles?

B: I don’t like noodles, and I don’t like rice noodles, either.

A: What about pasta?

B: Great! I like pasta best.

Question: Which is Wang Ping’s favourite food, pasta, noodles or rice noodles?

4. A: What is the weather like in Guangzhou in spring?

B: It’s warm and wet. Sometimes it’s rainy.

A: What about summer?

B: It’s often sunny and it’s very hot.

Question: What is the weather like in Guangzhou in summer?

5. A: What’s wrong with you, Tom?

B: I don’t feel good today. Sometimes I feel cold and sometimes I feel hot.

A: You have a cold. Take this medicine three times a day.

B: Thank you. Doctor.

Question: What’s the matter with Tom?

6. A: The Crocodile Park is in Panyu. Would you like to go there with us this Sunday? B: Good! When will we get there?

A: At nine o’clock that morning.

B: Great! Let’s meet at the gate of the park at nine o’clock. See you then!

A: See you!

Question: When will they go to visit the Crocodile Park?

7. A: Are you the only child in your family, Pengpeng?

B: No, I have a brother. His name is Yangyang.

A: Is he older than you?

B: Yes, he is two years older than me. He’s thirteen years old.

Question: How old is Pengpeng?



A: Wake up and get dressed. Xiaoling. It’s 7:30. It’s time for breakfast.

B: Huh… oh! I don’t want to eat my breakfast. I’m not hungry.

A: What’s wrong with you? You will be late for school.


B: I don’t feel well. I feel tired. Can I go back to sleep?

A: Oh, no. You look very pale. Do you have a fever?

B: Yes, I think so. Sometimes I feel cold and sometimes I feel hot. I can’t go to school


A: OK! Let’s go to see the doctor.

B: Oh dear! Please don’t. I don’t want to see the doctor. I don’t want to take any medicine. A: We must go to see the doctor. Get dressed quickly.

B: All right.

八、听短文三次, 判断下列句子是否符合短文内容,如相符,在括号内写 “T”,否则写 “F”。


Janet comes from Canada. She studies in Guangzhou International School with her sister May. Janet is one year older than her sister. Their parents are teaching English in this school, too. So they go to school by car every day. Their father drives the car. The school is big. And it’s larger than the former one in Canada. There are more tall buildings, more trees and more flowers in this school. The classrooms are bigger and brighter, too. The school is really beautiful. The teachers and the pupils are very kind and friendly here. So Janet and May like the new school very much.


Mary and Xiaoling are good friends. They live in the same building, but they are not in the same school. Mary studies at Yuying School. Xiaoling studies at Zhongshan School. Mary’s school is nearer than Xiaoling’s school. So every morning Xiaoling gets up earlier than Mary. She gets to school at eight o’clock. Mary gets to school at half past seven. The teachers in these two schools are kind and friendly. Both of them study hard. But Xiaoling studies better than Mary.

九、听一封信三次,判断下列句子是否与信的内容相符,如相符,在括号内写“T” ,否则写“F”。

Dear Sally,

I’m Zhang Xiaoling. I’m glad to be your pen friend. I study at Wende School in Guangzhou. My school is near my home, so I go to school on foot. I’m never late for school. Every morning, I get up early and take exercise for half an hour. I have lunch at the school canteen. We study maths, English, science, music, art, P.E. and other subjects. I like science best. In the evening, I practise the piano from 7:00 to 8:00. Then I do my homework from 8:00 to 9:00. I go to bed before ten o’clock.

Please e-mail me soon.




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