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er trous e rs (裤子) sweat _ _ (毛衣) _ i r sk _ _ t (裙子)

sh_i _ r (衬衣) t

i r T-s h _ _ t (T恤衫) sc a rf(围巾) gl o ves(手套) c o a t(外套) s o cks(袜子) c ap(帽子) sh o es(鞋)

e dr ss(裙子)
sh orts(短裤)

What’s he/she wearing?

He is wearing a T- shirt and trousers. _____________. She is wearing a dress .

Point at the pictures, and ask your partner: What is she/he wearing?

What is this?/What are these? This is a .

These are


Is this your/his/her isn’t. Yes,it is./No,it


Are these your/his/her
Yes,they are./No,they aren’t.


1.Please write the words and sentences we review today on your exercise book. 请将今天复习的单词和句型写在你 的作业本上。 2. Communicate with your family with the sentences. 和你的家人交流今天复习过的语言。

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