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What's he like

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Lesson 8 What’s he like?


记忆大挑战 hair tall
fat long

is short
big thin small beautiful


She is fat.

He is thin.

He is cute.

She is beautiful.

He is clever.

He is strong.

He is amazing.

He is naughty.

He is brave. He is a brave man.

He is smart. He is a smart boy.

They Lily She He


tall. short. fat. thin. clever. smart. naughty. brave. amazing. strong. cute.

short hair

She has short hair.

long hair

She has long hair.

long hair have/has short hair

1.He is tall.
2. He is strong.

3.He has short hair.
4.He can play basketball.

1.He is thin.
2.He is funny. 3. He is an actor.

4.He can sing.

Circle is or has
1. is /has tall 2. is / has fat 3. is / has long hair 4. is / has short 5. is / has thin 6. is / has big eyes 7. is / has strong 8. is /has small eyes 9. is / has short hair

Exercises II 用is或has填空: My English teacher has short hair and she thin. is
Yao Ming is ort hair. very tall and he has sh-

Jim’s mother isn’t thin, she is
He is Her friend short. is cute.


What’s he/she like? He/She is…(外貌特征或个性特征)

He/She has…

1.He is clever.(提问) 2. He is tall and thin.(一般问句)

What’s he like? He is ____and ______, and he has ____ hair.

? 玩耍是play, ? 停留是stay, ? 一天一天day by day, ? 道路是way, ? 好的是Okay, ? 假日是holiday, ? 生日是birthday, ? Happy happy birthday!

A: Review what you learnt in class. B: Describe one of your classmates.

Thank you
for listening!

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