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pep 英语 三年级 at the zoo

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Unit 6 At the zoo A Let’s talk

Let’s chant!

It’s so funny!

It’s so big!

It’s so small!

Let’s chant
Look at the pig. It’s so big. Look at the cat. … It’s so fat. ... Look at the mouse. It’s so small. Look at the monkey. It’s so funny.

Let’s say(让我们说说看) long tail short tail big ear long ears small ears

big tail

Let’s say(让我们说说看)

long nose small nose

big eyes

small eyes big nose

It It’s big. has a long nose. It has a short tail. It has big ears. It has small eyes . What’s this?

It’s an elephant.

Look at the elephant. … It has a short tail. It has a long nose.

It has a long nose and a short tail.

It has … small eyes.

It has … ears. big

It has small eyes and big ears .

Let’s guess
(1)Look at the panda . It has short tail.

It has small ears.
It has black and white body. It’s so fat.

(2) Look at the rabbit .
It has long ears. It has red eyes. It has short tail. It has white body.

It’s so lovely.

Look at …

It has …

It’s (so) …

A story
Mom! Mom!

I’m notnot your mom. I’m your mother. Your mother has 4 4 legs. Your mom has legs .

Mom! Mom!

I’m not your mom. She has big eyes and big mouth.

Mom! Mom!

Come on ! Baby! I’m your mother. Let’s sing.
Mom! Mom!

The animals are so lovely, we should love them and protect them.

1.Describe an animal to your parents. (用以下 句子给你的父母描述一个动物。) Look at … It has…and… It’s so…


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