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苏教版英语6A第三单元知识点与单元卷 精品

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Unit 3 It was there


1. Sports Day(体育运动日)

2. all the students(所有的学生)

3. watch the running race(看跑步比赛)

4. take some photos(拍一些照)

5. look for her camera(寻找她的照相机)

6. help her(帮助她)

7. in your bag(在你的包里)

8. Let me see.(让我看一看。)

9. a moment ago/just now(刚才)

10. Can I have them, please?(我可以要它们吗?)

11. on the ground(在地上)

12. pick them up for me(帮我把它们捡起来)

13. a running race(一场跑步比赛)

14. an excited boy(一个兴奋的男孩)

15. an exciting game(一场激动人心的比赛)

16. mobile phone(手机)/ mobile phones

17. a pair of glasses(一副眼镜)/ two pairs of glasses 6

18. a pair of earphones(一副耳机)/ two pairs of earphones

19. a roll of film(一卷胶卷)/ two rolls of films

20. try to remember(试着记住)/ forget(忘记)

21. behind(在...后面)/in front of(在...前面)

22. diary(日记)/ diaries

23. CD Walkman(光盘随身听)

24. sports meeting(运动会)

25. wasn’t = was not

26. weren’t = were not


1. Where’s my/your ...?

It’s on/in/near/behind/under the ...

It isn’t there now.

It was there a moment ago.

2. Where are my/your ...?

They’re on/in/near/behind/under the ...

They aren’t there now.

They were there a moment ago.


1. excited 和exciting 的区别。

excited 意思是“激动的、兴奋的”,一般用来形容人物。 如:All the students are very excited.所有的学生都很兴奋。 We are very excited at the news.我们听到这则消


exciting 意思是“令人激动的、令人兴奋的”,一般用来形容比赛或事件。 如:That’s an exciting basketball game.那是一场激动人心的篮球比赛。 How exciting the game is! 感叹句:这是一场多么激动人心的比赛啊。




如:a moment ago, just now, this morning, yesterday, last week/year/night/..., two days ago, three hours ago, ...等。

3.Be动词变化:在一般过去时的句子中,谓语动词要用动词的过去式。be 动词的过去式有was 和were 两种形式。

4. was 和were 的用法。

(1) 主语是第一人称单数(I)或第三人称单数(He/She/It)时, be 动词用was.

(2) 主语是第二人称(You)或第一、第三人称复数(We/They)时,be 动词用were.


肯定式:I was ... He/She/It was ... You/We/They were ...

否定式:I wasn’t ... He/She/It wasn’t ... You/We/They weren’t ...


Were you ... ? Yes, I was. / No, I wasn’t. Yes, we were. / No, we weren’t. Was he/she/it ... ? Yes, he/she/it was. / No, he/she/it wasn’t.

Were they ... ? Yes, they were. / No, they weren’t.




( )1. A. sport B. tell C. all D. throw

( )2. A. carefully B. sound C. beautiful D. quietly

( )3. A. birthday B. diary C. pick D. fast

( )4. A. I B. he C. him D. his

( )5. A. between B. cousin C. home D. there

( )6. A. three B. third C. take D. photo

( )7. A. sheep B. water C. glasses D. walkman

( )8. A. exciting B. running C. taking D. going

( )9. A. pair B. front C. very D. bread

( )10. A. be B. am C. were D. did


( )1. A. It’s Sunday. B. It’s Sports Day. C. It’s the 8th of Oct.

( )2. A. in the classroom B. in the playground C. at home

( )3. A. Having a running race. B. Watching a running race C. Taking photos.

( )4. A. Yes, she does B. No, she doesn’t.

C. She wants to take some photos.

( )5. A. Yes, it is. B. It’s not her handkerchief. C. It’s in her bag.


Su Hai: I _______ to listen to some music, but I can’t _______ my CD

Walkman. Where is it, Su Yang?

Su Yang: Is it on your desk?

Su Hai: No, it isn’t. It _______ there a moment ago.

Su Yang: Oh, look, it’s ________ ________ the video recorder.

Su Hai: Where are my ________. I can’t see_________.

Su Yang: They __________ on the __________ this morning.

Su Hai: No.

Su Yang: Are they in __________ of the TV?

Su Hai: Oh, yes. I see them. Thank you, Su Yang.



( day A. or B. er C. ir

( A. ill B. ile C. iel

( )3. rec__ der A. or B. oe C. oo

( )4. v__s__t A. i,e B. e,e C. i,i

( )5. ____phone A. ear B. ere C. are


( ( ( ( (


1. try to_____________________


3. next to___________________


5. in my pocket_______________



2. a moment ago(同义)______________

3.box(复数) __________________

4.are(过去式) ______________

5.knife(复数) __________________

6.exciting(原形) ______________

7. sheep(复数) _________________

8. teach(名词) ______________

9.photo(复数) __________________

10. beautiful(副词) ______________


( ) 1. Your watch was there _______.

A. now B. just now C. a moment

( ) 2. My key is on the floor. Can you ________ for me?

A. pick it up B. pick up it C. lift it up

( ) 3. My diary is _______ yours.

A. in the front of B. next to C. next

( ) 4. The photos aren’t there_______, but they were there ______.

A. a moment ago, now B. just now, a moment ago

C. now, a moment

( ) 5. There _______ a pair of glasses under the newspaper a moment ago.

A. is B. were C. was

( ) 6. Try _______ where the things are

A. remember B. remembering C. to remember

( ) 7. Can you teach ________ English?

A. I B. me C. my

( ) 8. All the people are very _______ now.

A. excite B. exciting C. excited

( ) 9. She is_________ a _______ race in the playground.

A. watching, run B. looking, running C. watching, running

( ) 10. _______ your sister at home yesterday?

A. Was B. Were C. Are


( )1.My birthday is in the twenty-forth of April. __________


( )2.Su Hai wants take some photos. __________


( )3.I like to play with the yo-yo very much. __________


( )4.Ben knows a lot of about public signs __________


( )5.What does the signs mean __________


八、读短文,选择填空. (5分)

Mum: Hurry up, Jim! You’ll be late for school.

Jim: I can’t find my white T-shirt, Mum. It was on my bed just now. Mum: It’s next to the computer

Jim: Thanks! Oh, no! where are my brown trousers?

Mum: They’re on the sofa.

Jim: Now where are my socks? They were on the chair a moment ago. Mum: They’re under your bed, Jim. Can you see them?

Jim: Yes. Oh, no!

Mum: What’s the matter?

Jim: It’s a quarter to eight. I’m late for school!

( )1. Where was Jim’s white T-shirt?

A. on his bed B. on my bed C. next to the computer

( )2. What’s the time?

A. seven forty-five B. eight fifteen C. eight forty-five

( )3. Where are Jim’s brown trousers?

A. on his bed B. on the sofa C. on the chair

( )4. What colour are Jim’s socks?

A. white B. brown C. Sorry, I don’t know.

( )5. Is Jim a careful boy?

A. Yes. B. No. C. Sorry, I don’t know.

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