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B7Lesson10:Li Ming Meets Jenny’s Class

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What is your name?

My name is… What is your address?
My address is… Where are you from?

I am from…

Where do you live? I live in… How old are you? I am … How tall are you? I am…

Chin__ a C_n_da a a ap_ _tment ar m_ss i

Chin_s_ e e Engl_ _h i s h_u_e o s

When did Li Ming come to Canada?

He came on Monday. Does he like Canada? Yes, he does.
How old is he? He is twelve years olds. Where is Li Ming from? He is from China.

What’s the name of his city? His city is Shijiazhuang. How far is from Shijiazhuang to Beijing? It’s about three hundred kilometres. Does Li Ming live in a house? No, he lives in an apartment. Does everyone in his familly speak English? No, they speak Chinese.

姓名: 小沈阳 国籍: 中华人民共和国 出生地: 辽宁省铁岭 市 年龄: 30岁 语言:汉语

中文名: 姚明 国籍: 中国 出生地: 上海 年龄:31岁 语言:汉语,英语 现居住:美国

中文名: 周杰伦 国籍: 中国 出生地: 中国台湾省 台北县 年龄:32 语言:汉语

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