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Lesson 9

You’d better take a taxi

’d better = had better 最好

had better do sth 最好干某事
eg: It is raining, you had better take your unbrella. 下雨了,你最好带上你的雨伞。

eg: Before you go out , you had better ring your mother up.
在你出去之前,你最好给你妈妈打个电话。 eg: It is dark , you’d better close the door. 天黑了,你最好把门关上。

had better not do sth 最好不要干某事 eg: It is dark , you’d better not go out. 天黑了,你最好不要出去。 eg:You had better not miss the last bus. 你最好不要错过最后一趟班车。 eg:You had better not smoke. 你最好不要吸烟。

turn right

turn left

go down

At the traffic lights

the end of the road




flower shop 花店

a children’s shop



the way to


eg: the way to the zoo 去动物园的路

’d better = had better 最好 At the traffic lights 在红绿灯的地方 go down 从……走下去
the end of the road the way to 路的尽头

a children’s shop 儿童店 去……的路

1:Excuse me ,where is …?

2: Excuse me ,how can I get to…?
3: Excuse me ,which is the way to…?

Woman: Excuse me , which is the way to the Chlidren’s Park ? Girl: Woman: Girl: Go down this road, and turn left at the traffic lights.Then walk on to the end of the road. Is it far from here?

Yes.You’d better take a taxi.It will take you there.

Woman: Thanks a lot. Girl: You’re welcome.

Each word five times Copy the text twice ,and translate once.

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