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ride a bike

ride a horse

play the piano

play basketball play football

play table tennis

情态动词本身有一定的 词义,表示说话人的情绪, 态度或语气。 can是情态动词,表示 “能,会”。

一、Say what the people in the picture can do. (根据图片提出句子)

can sing.
can not sing.
swim ?He


can swim. ?He can not swim. ?They can ride a bike. ?They can not ride a bike.

ride a bike

含情态动词can的否定 句,直接在情态动词can 后加not,成为can not,缩写 为can’t。

? ? ?


1、Lingling can’t ride a horse. can 2、He can’t speak Chinese. can 3、Lingling and Daming can’t play the can piano. 4、My father can’t play table tennis. can 5、She can’t swim. can

情态动词can没有人称和数 的变化,即表达“某人会(不 会)做某事”用“can(can’t)+ 动词原形”。 含情态动词 can的一般疑问 句,直接将can提至句首,回 答的主语和问句的主语要一 致。

三、把下列句子变为一般疑 问句并作肯定和否定回答。

1、Lingling can ride a horse. Can Lingling ride a horse? Yes,she can. / No,she can’t. 2、I can speak Chinese. Can you speak Chinese? Yes,I can. / No,I can’t.




3、Lingling and Daming can play the piano. Can Lingling and Daming play the piano? Yes,they can. / No,they can’t . 4、My father can play table tennis. Can your father play table tennis? Yes,he can. / No,he can’t .

四、Listen to the tape,and then fill in the blanks.
Betty : Lingling , can ___you play football? can play Lingling : Yes ,I____.I can _____football and can tennis basketball can’t I____play_____.But I____ play_________. Can Betty : _____you ride a horse ____? can’t But swim Lingling : No,I_____. ____I can______.

1、Say what you can do and can’t do. 2、Work in pairs .Ask and answer. Find out what your friend can do. (sing , swim , ride a bike , ride a horse , play the piano , play basketball , play football , play table tennis , play tennis… )

1、贝蒂会说英语,但她不会说汉语。 can ____ but can’t Betty ____ speak English,____she____ speak Chinese. 2、你的朋友会骑马吗?——会。 Can they ____ your friends ride ____ horse ? Yes , ____ can. ____ a ____ 3、那个女孩不会打网球。 can’t play The girl ____ ____ tennis. 4、托尼会游泳吗?——不会。 can’t Can ____ Tony swim ? No , he ____. ____ 5、他们会弹钢琴。 can play piano They ____ ____ the ____.

C 1、Can you play ____piano? A、a B、an C、the B 2、Can you dance? yes, I ____. A、do B、can C、 can’t B 3、Can he Write English? No,he ____ A、can B、 can’t C、does C 4、I __ ride a bike ,but I ____drive a car. A、can , can B、 can’t , can’t C、can, can’t A 5、She can _____baske

tball . A、play B、playing


See you !

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