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新版人教版四上英语第四单元My home测试卷

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Unit 4 My home

Listening Part (听力部分)


( )1.A. bathroom B. bedroom C. living room

( )2.A. sofa B. study C. phone

( )3.A. fish B. fridge C. for

( )4.A. home B. room C. classroom

( )5.A. table B. kitchen C. open

( )6.A. on B. no C. not

( )7.A. chair B. here C. where

( )8.A. they are. B. aren't C. isn't

( )9.A. bed. B. desk C. bedroom

( )10.A. they B. key C. toy

二、当个指挥家,听音,标号。 10分

( ) ( ) ( )

( ) ( )


( ) 1. A. Look at the bedroom. B. Look at the living room. C. Look at the study.

( ) 2. A. Where’s the key? B. Where’s the cat? C. Where are the keys?


( ) 3. A. It's in the kitchen. B. I have a cat. She’s cute. C. Is it your cat?

( ) 4. A. Let’s change the glasses. B. Let’s go to school. C. Let’s go home.

( ) 5. A. The TV is near the phone. B. The phone is near the bed.

C. The computer is near the window.


( )Are they near the phone?

( ) Look! They’re in the door.

( )OK!

( )No, they aren’t.

( )Open the door, please.

( )Where are the keys?

( ) No.

( ) Are they on the table?

Writing Part 笔试部分

五、判断下列划线部分的发音是否相同,相同的打“∨”不同的"×”。(6分) ( )1. phone hot ( ) 2. cute study

( )3. sofa no ( ) 4. in rice

( )5. fridge window ( ) 6. nap snack


( )1.A. phone B. desk C. chair D. quiet

( )2.A. light B. kitchen C. bedroom D. bathroom

( )3.A. key B. he C. she D. they

( )4.A. in B. near C. under D. no

( )5.A. chair B. table C. computer D. desk

( )6.A. tall B. strong C. thin D. notebook


( )1. Where are the keys? _____

A. They are in the door. B. It's in the door. C. We are in the living room. ( )2. Is Chen Jie in the bedroom? _______


A. Yes, it isn't. B. No, he's in the kitchen C. Yes, she is. ( )3. Where is your mother ? ___________.

A Yes, he is. B. She is at home. C. He is in the kitchen.

( )4.Are they in the door? _________

A. No, they aren't. B. No, it isn't. C. Yes, they aren’t. ( )5.How many English books do you have? _____________

A. I have 9. B. I can see 10 . C. Yes, I do. ( )6.The ball is _____ the chair,

A. in B. under C. in

( )7. Go to the _________. Have a snack.

A. living room B. bathroom C. kitchen

( )8.Who's he? ________

A. She is Bai Ling. B. He's Zhang Peng. C. It's a book.


1. Welcome to my ______________. It’s nice.

2. I like my _____________. It’s big.

3. --Where are my apples?

--They’re on the ____________.

4. The TV is in the _________________.

5. Open the __________, please.



( )1. Is she in the study? A. It's on the desk.

( )2.Is this your bedroom? B. No, they aren't.

( )3.Where's my pen? C. No, it isn't.

( )4.Are they on the chair? D. Yes, she is.

( )5.Where are my books? E. They are on the bed. 十、连词成句,注意首字母大写和标点符号。10分

1. in the she is living room ( ? )


2. big my room is (.)


3. are the on table they ( . )


4. are where your books ( ? )


5. classroom your what's in ( ? )



Hello! Welcome to my home.

I have two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, a study and a bathroom. In my bedroom, there is a small bed. In the living room, there is a chair, a desk and a TV. In the study, there are two shelves and a desk. I read books in the study.

I like my room.

( ) 1. I have three bedrooms.

( ) 2. The TV is in the living room.

( ) 3. I have six rooms.

( ) 4. I have a big bed in my bedroom.

( ) 5. The computer is in the study.

( ) 6. I read books in the living room.




1. living room 2. study 3.fridge 4.home 5. kitchen

6.on 7.where 8.aren't 9.bedroom 10. they


1. Go to the bedroom . Have a sleep.

3. Go to the living room watch TV.

5. Go to the study. Read a book.


1. Look at the study.

2. Where’s the cat?

3. It's in the kitchen.

4. Let’s go to school.

5. The phone is near the bed.


Girl : Open the door, please.

Boy: OK!

Girl: Where are the keys?

Boy: Are they near the phone?

Girl: No.

Boy: Are they on the table?

Girl: No, they aren’t.

Boy: Look! They’re in the door.

2. Go to the kitchen. Have a snack. 4. Go to the bathroom. Take a shower. 5

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