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Hello every one , my name is yang chen, I am eleven year old . Reading books is my hobby , my favourite colours is lightblue and lightpurple . Today , I will tell a story to you , the story is “ Monky catch moon ”。

Monkey catch moon

One day , a little monkey is playing by the well . He looks in the well and shouts : “ Oh ! My god ! The moon has fallen into the well . ” An older monkey runs over , takes a look , and shout , “ The moon is really in the water ! ” A group of monkeys run over and shout : “ Come on , come on , let’s get it out . ” Then , the oldest monkey hangs on the tree up side down, with his feet on the branch . And he pulls the next monkey’s feet with his hands. they begin to catch the moon . At last , they find the moon , is still in the sky.

猴 子 捞 月 亮

一天,有只小猴子在井边玩儿。它往井里一看,喊道:“噢!我的天呐!月亮掉到井里啦! ”一只老猴子跑来一看,喊道,“月亮真的掉到井里啦!”一群猴子跑过来,喊道:“快来!快来!让我们把它捞起来吧!”于是,老猴子倒挂在树上,其他猴子一个个跟,它们一只连着一只直到井底。然后,他们就开始捞月亮,最后它们才发现,月亮还好好地挂在天上呢!”

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