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1. M 2. P 3. K

4. q 5. j 6. o
()1. nine big () 2. pen she

()3. fat name () 4. pig rice

()5. fish six    ()  6. it like
( ) 1. I have __________ English book. A. a B. 6 C. an

( ) 2. Put your math book ______ your desk .A.at B. on  C. the

( ) 3.---Let me help you ---_______________

     A. Thank you B. Here you are. C. You’reright.

( )4.--- I have a new MP5. ---_________? What colour is it ?

     A. Good B. Really C. No
( )5. Let’s _______ and see .

A. go B. to go C. going X Kb 1.C om

( )6、Turn the light.

A.\ B.on C.in
( )7、I have English book and Chinese book.

     A.a; a B.a; an C.an; a

( ) 8. --- What’s in the classroom?---Two doorsand _____ chairs.

  A. many B. may C. math

()9.I have__new schoolbag. A. a B.an C.the

()10.Who has__English book? A. a B.an C.the

()11.__in your hand?   A. Where B.What’s C.How many

()12.__is it? A. What B. Who C.What colour

()13.I have a new schoolbag.A. Really? B.OK!   C.Thank you.

()14. I have__ math book ,__ notebook and __English book .

  A. a an a B. a a an C .an a a

()15.There are 15__ in the bag.

A. pen B.a pen C. pens

()16. How many__do you have ?

    A. English books B. English C.English book

()17. --- What’s in yourpencil-case?    ---___________

A. Two rulers and a pen. B. It`s a math book. C.A bag.

()18. ---__is the pen?---Blue.

   A. What B. What colour C.How many


1.long hair__________ 2. short hair__________ 3. thin_______


7.she________8.he________9.boy___________ 10.girl__________


1. He__ (be) strong .  2.Tom ___(have) short black hair .

3.__ (he) name is Tim . 4.How many___ (book) can you see ?

5.I have some ____(candy) .


()Thank you so much !

()Excuse__ . I lost my ___
()Here it is!

()OK.What___ is it ?

()__ English book、 two___ and__ notebook.

()It is blue and___
()__ is it ?

A.in B An C toys

D me

 E white F What G colour H schoolbag I a


1. colour what it is ?______________________

2. a new have Ischoolbag .______________________

3. is ,schoolbag, heavy , my .____________________

4. what, your,in, is ,pencil box ?___________________               5. blue,white ,it, is ,and .____________________
(1)用is、are 、或am填空。

1. She__a girl . 2. I__ Amy. 3. We__ friendly.

4.The cat__white. 5.She__tall and strong. 6. He__ quiet .

7.Wu Yifan__thin . 8.My mother__ short and thin.


1. I__ long hair . 2.I__big eyes.

3.She__short hair. 4.He__big ears .
5.She__long arms .  6.John __big hands and big feet .


( )1.What colour is it? A. It’s yellow.

( )2.What’s in your bag? B. OK!

( )3. I have a new schoolbag C. 3 pencils and many books.

( )4.Let’s clean the window. D. Really?


Look! This is my newschoolbag. It’s big. It’s blue and white. I have an English book, a
Chinesebook, a math book, three notebooks and a pencil-case in it. In mypencil-box,you can
see a ruler, two pens, seven pencils and a notebook. Oh,where is my schoolbag? It’s on my chair.
( )1.My schoolbag is small.

( )2.I have three Chinese books.

( )3.My pencil-case is in my schoolbag .

( )4.There are six pencils in thepencil-case.

( )5.The schoolbag is on the chair.

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