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Review Lesson

Pandas love bamboo.

Words and expressions
竹子 幸运的

believe bamboo

一天十二个小时 模仿另一条蛇 和孩子们一起玩 从盒子里出来 一张有趣的光盘 一份很棒的礼物 把…给…
冬眠 幸运的熊猫 另一条蛇

lucky 模仿 copy 很棒的 fantastic

twelve hours a day copy the other snake play with children come out of the box an interesting CDROM a fantastic present give … to… sleep in the winter lucky pandas another snake

Snakes love the sun.

Dogs play with ball.

Cats like fish.

Pandas love bamboo.

Elephants like water. Bears sleep in the winter.

1.-- They love the sun/ bamboo /like fish /water…What are they?
-- They are snakes/pandas/cat/fish... 2.--Do snakes like music? --Yes /No,…

3.--What’s your favourite animal/ festival? --My favourite animal/festival is…

A:They love the sun.What are they? B:They are snakes.
They like water.
They play with children.

They sleep in the winter.

They love bamboo.




Expand extensions

1.love 与 like 的区别 like doing sth 或love doing sth .后者强调程度更深, 表示一个人的爱好,或者经常性的动作。 2.like/love to do sth .虽然也表示喜欢做某事,但不是指 一个人的喜好和经常性的动作,而是一次性的动作或偶尔的行为。 3.原型 do give eat copy 过去式
did gave ate copies

doing giving eating copying

原型 过去式 come say love
came said loved

coming saying loving interesting

interest interested


(1) 一般情况下直接在动词词尾+s,例如: get --gets take --takes ; (2)以s, sh, ch, x, o 结尾的动词,在词尾+es. 如:teach--teaches; fix --fixes; go--goes.

(3)以辅音字母+y结尾的动词,变y为i,再+es,如: study -- studies , try--tries .

(1)一般情况下直接加ing 如:think—thinking; sleep—sleeping study—studying. (2)以不发音的字母e结尾的单词,去掉字母e,再加ing 如: make—making ;take—taking; have—having. (3)以重读闭音节结尾,呈现“辅,元,辅”结构的动词, 先双写末尾的辅音字母,再加ing. 如:stop—stopping ; run—running ; get--getting

(1)一般情况下在词尾加ed 如:clean—cleaned , help—helped ,watch—watched .

(2)以e结尾的,直接+ed,如: love –loved ; close—closed
(3)以辅音字母加y结尾的,把y改i+ed ,如: study– studied ; worry—worried . (4)重读闭音节则双写最后一个辅音字母+ed .如: stop--stopped (5)不规则变化: be动词: am--was is—was are –were 助动词: do—did don’t– didn’t 其他: eat—ate go—went have—had run—ran say—said read –read swim--swam

go want dance copy meet stop

goes wants dances copies meets stops comes


went wanted danced copied met stopped came read

going wanting dancing copying meeting stopping coming reading



1.The light is red ,and we must stop .
2.We can borrow books from the l ibrary 3.This old owl l ives 4.Where is the WC? it’s on your left. 5.Grandma 6.Don’t g ives in the tree. Go straight a . on and .


present yesterday.

talk! Be quiet

1.Some animals sleep


the winter.

2.I often play


with my

pet cat .

my new CD-ROM .

4.Thank you


your present, Mum. out

5.Look!The boy is coming window. 6.There ‘s an owl




the tree.

1. My favourite animal is a dog. I had a dog when I was ten years old. Its name is Lily. It’s a brown(棕色的) and white dog. It does everything with me. Everyday I give it some water to drink and some food to eat. At the weekend(周末), I’ll make it take a bath(洗澡). At that time, the dog is very gentle (绅士的). And I like it very much. This is my favorite animal—a beautiful, gentle and lovely dog.

2. I like a lot of animals, but my favorite animal is panda. She comes from China, why did I love her? Because she is very cute, but she was very shy. Her body‘s colour is black and white. She likes eating bamboo and drinking water, most of panda’s homes are located near the water in streams(小河)..

3. Rabbit is an cute kind of amimals.It has two long ears. They can make rabbits hear carefully.It also has a short tail,which makes rabbits so lovely.Rabbits likes eating carrots( ['k? r?t] ).If you feel lonely.You can keep a rabbit.It can be your good friend. 兔子是一种机灵的动物,它有两个长耳朵,它们可以让兔子清楚 地倾听。兔子还有一个短尾巴,让兔子更可爱。兔子喜欢吃胡萝 卜,如果你感到孤独,你可以养一只兔子,它会成为你的朋友。

My favourite animal
My favourite animal is ××(单数). It's very… (形容词).It's very… (形容词).It's very …(形容词) They‘re live in …(国家/地区) They likes eat (食物)... They can(can‘t) swim/fly/run.........(生活习惯)We all like them. I like it very much . 例如:We ever saw an elephant in a zoo.An elephant is a very biganimal .lts long nose is called a trunk and it has two long teeth called tusks.this is my love the animal {elephant} My favourite animal is cat. Because it is a clean animal. It often wash its face and fur by its tongue(舌头). I also like its soft fur, too. I have a little cat named Lucky. It often plays with small things. Sometimes it plays with its tail. It is so lovely that I love my cat very much.

Homework for today 1.Recite the text. 2.Write something about your favourite animals.

Good bye!

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