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1、Hello, Wu Yifan!——Hi,Sarah!

2、Hello, I’m Chen Jie!——Hi,I’m John!

3、What’s your name?——I’m Mike. /My name’s Zoom. 4、Goodbye. ——Goodbye./Byebye./Bye. 5、I have an eraser./I have a black bag. ——Me too. 6、Close your book./Show me your pen./Carry your bag.


7、Let’s play./ Let’s chant!/Let’s go to school. ——OK!/Great! 8、What colour is it? ——It’s white. 9、This is Mr Jones. ——Nice to meet you.

10、This is Miss Green. ——Good morning, Nice to meet you. 11、Good afternoon. ——Good afternoon. 12、Nice to meet you. ——Nice to meet you,too. 13、Colour it brown./Show me green./Let’s paint! ——OK!/Great! 14、I see red. ——Me too.

15、How are you? ——Fine, thank you. / I’m fine,thanks.

16、How are you? ——Very well,thank you./ I’m Very well,thanks. 17、Look at me ! ——This is my face.

18、Open your mouth/Touch your ear./Wave your arms. ——OK!

19、Clap your hands/Shake your legs./Stamp your foot.——OK! 20、Let’s make a puppet.——Great./Good idea. 21、What’s this?/ What’s that?

——It’s a panda./ Oh,no!It’

s a bird.

22、What’s this?/What’s that?——A bear?No!It’s a pig. 23、What’s this?/What’s that?——Guess! It’s a tiger. I like it. 24、Look!A funny monkey! ——Cool!I like it.

25、Act like an elephant. /Colour the duck orange.——OK! 26、Can you act it out?. ——Yes./No. 27、Look at the cat. ——It is fat. 28、I’m hungry. ——Have some bread. ——Thank you./Thanks.

29、I’d like some fish,please.——Here you are. 30、Can I have some eggs,please? ——Here you are. 31、Have some milk.——Thank you./No,thanks.I like water.

- 1 -

32、Here you are.——Thank you./Thanks. 33、Thank you. /Thanks. ——You’re welcome.

34、Eat some rice./Drink some juice./Cut the cake. ——OK!

35、Happy birthday!/ Happy birthday to you! ——Thank you. 36、This one,please. ——Sure. 37、How many plates? ——Five.

38、How old are you? ——Six./I’m seven./I’m nine years old.

39、John,This is my brother,Sam. ——Hi,Sam.Happy birthday. 40、Show me eight./ Let’s eat the cake! ——OK!/Great! 短语及句型复习 Unit 1

Show me your pen. 让我看看你的钢笔。 Open your pencil--box. 打开你的铅笔盒。 Close your book .关上你的书。

Carry your bag. 背起你的书包。 I have a ruler. Me too. Let’s play! 让我们一起玩吧! Unit 2

This is Miss Green. 这是格林小姐. I see green. 我看见了绿色。

Black, black. Stand up. 黑色,黑色,站起来! Orange, orange. Sit down. 橙色,橙色。坐下。 White, white. Touch the ground. 白色,白色,摸摸地。 Brown, brown.Turn around. 棕色,棕色,转个圈。 Colour it brown. 把它涂成棕色。 Unit 3 Look at me. 看着我。 How are you?你身体好吗?

Very well,thank you./ I’m Very well,thanks. Fine, thank you. / I’m fine,thanks. Look at my nose. 看我的鼻子。 Let’s go to school.让我们一起去上学吧。 Let’s make a puppet.让我们做个木偶吧。 This is the leg. 这是腿。 Good idea! 好主意。

Let’s play with the puppet. 让我们玩木偶吧。

Close your eyes. 闭上你的眼睛。Open your mouth. 张开你的嘴巴。- 2 -

Clap your hands. 拍拍你的手。 Touch your head.摸摸你的头 。 Wave your arms. 挥挥你的胳膊。 Shake your legs. 摇

摇你的腿。 Shake your body. 摇摇你的身体。 Stamp your foot. 跺跺你的脚。

Touch your nose. 摸摸你的鼻子。 Touch your ear. 摸摸你的耳朵。 Unit 4

What’s this?这是什么? It’s an elephant.它是一头大象。 What’s that?那是什么?

I like it.我喜欢它。 Follow me! 跟着我!

I have a carrot.我有一根胡萝卜。

Look at the dog. It’s on the log.看这只狗,它在原木上。 Look at the duck.It’s in the truck.看这只鸭子,它在卡车里。 Look at the bear.It’s on the pear.看这只熊,它在梨子上。 Act like an elephant. 扮演一只大象。

Act like a bird. 扮演一只鸟。 Act like a tiger. 像老虎一样表演。 Act like a monkey.扮演一只猴子。 Act like a panda.扮演一只熊猫。

Unit 5

Let’s eat! 让我们一起吃吧。

I’d like some juice and eggs,please.我想要一些果汁和鸡蛋。 I’m hungry.我饿了。

Can I have some water,please?我能喝些水吗? Sure, here you are.当然,给你。 Thank you.谢谢你。 You’re welcome.不客气。

Have some eggs. 吃一些蛋。 Have some juice. 喝一些果汁。Eat some bread. 吃一些面包。 Eat some fish. 吃一些鱼。 Drink some milk. 喝一些牛奶。 Drink some water. 喝一些水。Cut the cake. 切蛋糕。

Unit 6

Happy birthday! 生日快乐!How old are you?你几岁了? I’m six years old.我六岁了。This one,please.请给我这个。 How many plates?多少个盘子?I have two gifts.我有两个礼物。 Show me six. 给我看看6. Show me seven.给我看看7 Show me eight. 给我看看8. Show me nine. 给我看看9. Show me ten. 给我看看10

- 3 -

- 4 -

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