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沪教版 牛津英语五年级上册 Module4 Unit1

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Module 4 The Natural World Unit 1 Wild animals
? wild






climb trees 爬树

swing on the rope

I can't swim


can "能,会" , 后跟动词原形。 其否定形式是 can't (不会,不能)

-- Can a giraffe swim? -- No, it can't.

I can dive I can swim
-- Can a monkey swim and dive? -- Yes,it can.

I can see a crocodile.

I can swim. I like monkeys. I eat monkeys.

We don't like crocodiles.

-- Do monkeys like crocodiles?

-- No, they don't.

Look at this animal. It is big. It is brown. monkey and It has long arms . long legs. It is a monkey. It lives in a zoo. The monkey is climbing . It can climb to the top of the cage. It can swing on the rope.

Ask and answer

1. What colour is the monkey?

2. Is it big or small?

3. Does it have short arms?

4. Does it have long legs?

5. Can it climb?

z o o e _ p_ _ _ _-k_ e e r
1. What is this man? ThisHe is a zoo-keeper. is the zoo-keeper. 2. Does he feed the animals? He feeds the animals. Yes, he does. 3. Which monkey does he like? He likes the baby monkey. He likes the baby monkey.

1. Where do some monkeys live? They live in the jungle. 2. Does it like fruit? Some monkeys live in the jungle. Yes, it does. 3. Does it like sweets? They like fruit and leaves. No, it doesn't. 4. What is this monkey doing? They do not aeat sweets. It is eating banana. 5. Can you feed the monkeys sweets?

This one is eating a banana.
No, we can’t.

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