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Unit 4 What can you do?
PartB Let’s learn

1.试读翻译词组(借助单词表) wash the clothes, set the table, make the bed, do the dishes, put away the clothes.


Can you do housework? Yes , I can.

合作探究 Listening
1. 拿起笔,认真听录 音,画出你认为发音 比较难的短语及句子。 录音放三遍。五分钟 后,比谁读的更准确。

1.小组内自由读词组. 2.小组推荐优秀组员展示读,然后领读,全 班跟读。

Reading again再次读

看图,在教师的 引领下理解词组大意, 五分钟后,看谁记的 准确。

Phrases and their Chinese meaning
? ? ? ? ? ? wash the clothes. 洗衣服 make the bed. 铺床 do the dishes. 洗碗碟 ? set the table. ? 摆饭桌,摆餐具 ? put away the clothes. ? 收拾衣服

1.拼读词组 2.你能用英语写出下面单词吗? 做家务______洗碗碟_______洗衣服_____ 摆餐具 _____ 铺床______收拾衣服______

? Can you do housework? 你会做家务吗?

‘Can you do…’表示“你会做……” 肯定回答:Yes, I can.(是的,我会 做。) 否定回答:No, I can’t.(不,我不会 做。)

? ? ? ? ? ? 洗衣服 wash the clothes. 铺床 make the bed. 洗碗碟 do the dishes.

? ? ? ?

摆饭桌,摆餐具 set the table. 收拾衣服 put away the clothes.

---你会做家庭作业吗? ---是的,我会。 ---Can you do homework? ---Yes, I can. ---你会踢足球吗? ---不,我不会。 ---Can you play football? ---No, I can’t.

Task 3 Role-Playing

角色扮演开始了,同 学们,你们准备好了吗? 仿照下面的对话,两个同 学一小组进行对话,五分 钟后,看哪一组表演的最 好。

? e.g. A: Can you do housework? B: Yes, I can. A: What can you do? B: I can wash clothes and make the bed. What can you do? A: I can set the table and do the dishes.

? ? ? ? ? ? 按要求完成下列句子。 1. Can you do housework?(作否定回答) No, I can’t . 2. I can empty the trash.(变一般疑问句) Can you empty the trash? . 3. What can you do, Chen Jie?(回答:洗衣 服) ? I can wash the clothes .

? 4. the, meals, Sarah, cook, can’t(.)(连连 词成句) ? Sarah can’t cook the meals. ? 5.You’re helpful.(英译汉) ? 你真能干 .


I have a good friend. His name is Li Ming. He is a good student. He often helps me do homework. He is helpful at home. He can do housework. What can he do? Do you know?

He can clean the bedroom, cook the meals, water the flowers and empty the trash, but he can’t wash the clothes. Who can wash the clothes? His mother can.

Li Ming has a sister. She is 12. She is in Grade Six. She can play chess. We often play it together.

? ( )1. Li Ming is a good student.

? ( )2.Li Ming often help me do home work. ? ( )3. Li Ming can wash the clothes. ? ( )4.Li Ming’s mother can’t wash the clothes. ? ( )5.Li Ming has a brother. He can play chess.

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