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There be句型复习与练习

一:there be 句型基本认识

1、 定义:There be句型表示某处存在某物或某人。

2、结构:(1) There is +单数可数名词/不可数名词+ 地点状语.

(2) There are +复数名词+地点状语.

注意事项: there是引导词,在句中不充当任何成分,翻译时也不必译出。句



① There is a bird in the tree. 树上有一只鸟。

② There is a teacher and many students in our classroom.


③ There are two boys and a girl under the tree.


二: there be 句型的常考点



There be句型的否定式的构成和含有be动词的其它句型一样,在be后加上not

或no即可。注意not和no的不同:not是副词,no为形容词,not a/an/any + n. 相当于no+ n.。例如:

There are some pictures on the wall. →There aren't any pictures on the wall. =There are no pictures on the wall.

There is a bike behind the tree. → There isn't a bike behind the tree. =There is no bike behind the tree.


There be句型的一般疑问句变化是把be动词调整到句首,再在句尾加上问号即可。但同时要注意:当肯定句中有some时,要将其改为any(否定变化也一样)。

There is some water on Mars. → Is there any water on Mars?

There are some fish in the water. →Are there any fish in the water?


对主语提问:当主语是人的时候,则用who 引导,当主语是物的时候,则用what 引导。注意:无论原句的主语是单数还是复数,对之提问时一般都用be的单数形式(回答时却要根据实际情况来决定)。如:

There are many things over there. →What's over there?

There is a little girl in the room.→Who is in the room?

对地点状语提问:则用where 引导。如:

There is a computer on the desk. → Where is the computer?

There are four children on the playground. →Where are the four children?


How many+复数名词+are there+介词短语?

How much+不可数名词+is there+介词短语?

考点二:there be 句型的时态。

be可以有现在时(there is/are)、过去时(there was/were)、将来时(there

is/are going to be或there will be)和完成时(there have/has been);还可用there must be ,there can’t be, there used to be等。 如:

---There ______ a concert this evening.

---Yeah. Exciting news!

A. are going to be B. is going to be C. is going to have D. will have

考点三:there be 句型反意疑问句的构成:be (not) there? 如:

There is some milk in the bottle, ____ ?

A.isn't there B.aren't there C.isn't it D.are there

考点四:there be 句型的主谓一致:

There be 结构中的be动词要和后面所跟名词保持一致,遵循就近原则。如:

1.There ___ any rice in the bowl.

A. are B. is C. isn’t D. aren’t

2.There ___ many apples on the tree last year.

A. have been B. were C. are D. is

考点五:there be 句型用的其他动词:

there be 句型中有时不用动词be ,而用come , live ,stand , lie, seem to be , happen to be ,等。如:

There ____ a knife and a fork on the table. (2007黄冈)

A. seems to be B. seem to be C. is seeming to be D. are 剖析:根据就近原则,首先排除B、D,而 there be 句型中有时不用动词be ,而用come , live ,stand , lie, seem to be等,所以答案应从A、C中选。感官动词一般不用进行时,故C也不正确。

注意事项:there be 句型与have句型的区别

(1) There be 句型和have都表示“有”的含义。区别如下:There be表示“某

处存在某物或某人”;have表示“某人拥有某物/某人”,它表示所有、拥有关系。 如:

He has two sons. 他有两个儿子。

There are two men in the office. 办公室里有两个男人。

(2)当have表示“包括”、“存在”的含义时,There be 句型与其可互换。如:

A week has seven days. =There are seven days in a week. 一个星期有七天。


(一) 将下列句子变成否定句和一般疑问句。

1.There is some water in the bottle.

2.There are many apples in the box.


( )1.There___ not ____ milk in the cup on the table .

A. are, many B. are , much C. is ,many D. is ,much

( )2.How many ___ are there in the room ?

A. apple B. students C. milk D. paper

( )3.- Is this the last exam we have to take ?

- No, but there ____ another test three months later from now.

A. will be going to B. is C. will be D. has been

( )4.There ____ a school at the foot of the hill.

A.have B.stand C.are D.stands

)5.How many boys ____ there in Class one?

A. be B. is C. are D. am

( )6.There ____ a lot of good news in today's newspaper.

A. is B. are C. was D. were

( )7.There ____ pencil-box, two books and some flowers on the desk.

A. is a B. are some C. has a D. have some

( )8.There ____ an apple and ten bananas in the basket. You can take any of them.

A. are B. is C. has D. have

( )9. ____ any flowers on both sides of the street?

A.Is there B.Are there C.Has D.Have

( )10. There is little water in the glass, ____ ?

A. isn't there B. isn't it C. is it D. is there

( )11 ----There is no air or water on the moon. Is there? ---- ____.

A. Yes, there are B. No, there isn't

C. Yes, there isn't D. No, there is

( )12.----What did you see in the basket then ?

----There ____ a bottle of orange and some oranges.

A. is B. are C. was D. were

( )13. ____ is there on the table?

A. How many apples B. How much bread

C. How much breads D. How many food

( )14. There isn't ____ paper in the box. Will you go and get some for me?

A. any B. some C. a D. an

( )15. How many ____ are there in your classroom?

A. desks B. desk C. chair D. door









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