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2A M2 复习卷

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Revision for 2A Module 2 Read and Spell

Class___________ Name_____________ No_________

一、 认读下面的字母组合。

OQD NM U AIR CSX RIL GJI FYE eli irj wto zsc rye mwv puq

二、 拼读下面的单词。

run (跑) write (写字) swim (游泳) fly (飞) young (年轻的) old hair (头发) head (头) face girl (女孩) hand (手) insect jar (广口瓶) kite (风筝) lion

三、 读读下面的句子。

1. Hi! I’m Supergirl. I can run. I can swim. I can fly. But I can’t write. 2.







9. Can you draw? Yes, I can. Can you write, Danny? No, I can’t. What can you do? I can draw. Can you skip a rope? No, I can’t. Can you ride a bicycle? Yes, I can. Is he your brother? No, he isn’t. He’s my friend. Is she your sister? Yes, she’s my sister. Who’s she? She’s Sally. Who’s he? He’s Jim. This is my grandmother. (老的) (脸) (昆虫) (狮子)

She is old.

Is she tall? No, she isn’t.

Is she thin? Yes, she is.

I like my grandmother.

10. Is that a boy? No. She’s a girl.

Is she Kitty? Yes.

Is he Danny? Yes, he is Danny.

11. My head is big. My hair is short. My mouth and eyes are big. I’m big and tall.

12. Your hair is long. Your face is round. Your eyes are big. You are small and short.

Revision for 2A Module 2 Read and Write

Class___________ Name_____________ No_________

一、 按顺序默写从Gg-Ll的所有大小写字母。 二、 看大写写小写,看小写写大写。

write old head GIRL JAR FLY 三、 看图写单词。

______________ _________________ _________________ _______ _________ _________

四、 读句子,找出正确的应答句,把序号填在前面的括号内。

( )1. Can you sing? ____________.

A. I can sing. B. No, I can’t.

( )2. Who’s she? _____________.

A. She’s Alice. B. She’s a teacher.

( )3. Harry has _____ insect.

A. a B. an.

( )4. Is that a girl? _________________.

A. Yes, she is. B. Yes, he is.

( )5.. Look! My eyes ____ big and my mouth _____ small.

A. are…are B. are…is


Look, this is my photo. There are five people in my family. He is my grandfather. He is old. But he is strong. My grandmother is old, too. She likes cats. This is my father. He can drive(驾驶) a car. He is super. My mother is very beautiful and nice. She can cook very well. I love them very much.

( ) There are three people in my family.

( ) My grandmother isn’t old.

( ) My father can drive a bus.

( ) My mother is nice.


) I love my family.

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