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Unit 5 What Does She Do单元测试卷

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Unit 5 What Does She Do单元测试卷


一、 选出与你所听单词属于同一类的一项.(5分)

( )1. A.those B.these C.whose ( )2. A.book B.cleaner C.yellow

( )3. A.shop B.bus C.hand ( )4. A.Hong Kong B.China C.Coke ( )5. A.dance B.money C.mailman 二、选出你所听到的句子(5分)

( )1. A. What is your father doing? B.What does your father do? C.What is your father like?

( )2. A.How is the weather like today? B.How does she go to work? C.How does he go to work?

( )3. A.Can you help me? B.Can I help you? C.Can you jump?

( )4. A.Where is the science museum? B.Where does she work? C.Where is she going?

( )5. A.I go to school by bike. B.I go to school on foot.

C.I go to school by subway.


1. Bob is an ________. He works in a_______ company. 2. Jenny is an______ She works in a________.

3. Ben is an___________. He goes to work by________. 4. Andrew is a_________ . He sells________. 5. Alice is a_________ .She gets up at________.


一、 将下列单词按画线部分的发音分为两类。(5分)

/u:/ _____________________________________

/u/ ______________________________________ 二、按要求写单词。(10分) A写出下面这些人的职业。

1. ZhanTianyou(詹天佑)is an_____________. 2. ZhaoWei(赵薇)is an ____________ 3. LiLianjie(李连杰) is an ___________ 4. XuBeihong(徐悲鸿) is an ________ 5. Shen Shixi(沈石溪) is a ___________ B用英语写出下面这些人的工作地点。

1 teacher______ 2 nurse_______ 3 cleaner______ 4邮递员_______ 5.图书馆管理员________ 三、用所给单词的适当形式填空。(5分)

1 Mrs Black sings songs She is a __________ .(sing) 2 Li Lei ___________ (like)making kites.

3 What does your sister___________ (do)? 4 Can he __________ (go)with us?

5 I’m a policeman . I enjoy_____________ (help) people. 四、选择填空。(5分)

( )1 He helps sick people He’s a______.

A. teacher B. doctor C. cleaner ( )2 He writes the TV show _________ my aunt. A. for B. at C. in

( )3 I’II ______ student. My mother is ______ accountant

A. a;a B. art;an C. a;all ( )4 l can’t live _______ you _____ ever.

A. with; to B. for;for C. with;for ( )5 If you enjoy math,you can be a(n) ________. A. singer B. dancer C. accountant 五、按要求改写句子。(10分)

1. What does your mother do?(改为同义句)

______________________________________________. 2. He goes to school on foot(改为否定句)

______________________________________________. 对画线部分提问) ______________________________________________. 对画线部分提问) ______________________________________________. 5.Sarah’s father works in a bank(变为般疑问句)

______________________________________________. 六、连词成句。(10分)

1. numbers he with likes working ( .) ______________________________________________. 2. a TV he reporter is ( .)

______________________________________________. 3. my in Bering aunt works ( .)

______________________________________________. 4. are you going what be to ( .) ______________________________________________. 5. like stamps collecting her does sister ( .) ______________________________________________. 七、看图,完成对话。(10分)

A:______________________________ this man? B:He is my uncle.

A:How_________? B:He is thirty years old. A:What does your uncle do? B:He__________________. A:Where_____________________ ? B:He works in a police station. A:How does he go to work? B:He_____________________.


My aunt works in a zoo. Her job is to look after the animals in the zoo .She feeds(喂)the animals, washes them and cleans their rooms. She loves animals and she likes her job very much. She talks to the animals. And the animals understand her. The animals are always happy when they see my aunt. Every day, many people come to see the animals in my aunt’s zoo. But some people do not know the zoo rules. They go Near to the dangerous animals like lions or tigers Some people litter. When people do these, my aunt will stop them. ( )1 What does my aunt do every day?

A. She looks after the animals. B. She loves animals. C. She feeds the animals.

( )2 Can the animals in the zoo talk?

A. Yes, they can. B. No,they can’t. C. Sorry, I don’t know. ( )3 What is“dangerous”in Chinese?(“dangerous”的中文意思是什么?) A.可爱的 B. 干

净的 C.危险的

( )4 What’s the rule of the zoo?

A. Don’t litter. B. Don’t talk to the animals. C. Don’t be far from the dangerous animals. ( )5 My aunt is a_______ worker in the zoo. A. good B. bad C. lovely



一、1. when( C) 2. actor (B) 3. bank(A)

4. Beijing(A) 5. salesman (c) 二、1. What does your mother do? (B) 2. How does he go to work?(C) 3. Can you help me? (A) 4. When does she work? (B) 5. I go to school on foot (B) 三、 1. My father is an accountant. 2. My mother usually goes to work by bus.

3. My brother likes playing the piano.

4. Weifang works in a hospital. 5. Amy wants to be a teacher.

四、Bob is an engineer. He works in a

company. Jenny is an accountant. She works in a bank. She works very hard. Ben is an actor .he goes to work by bus. Andrew is a sales. He sells books. Alice is a cleaner. She gets up at five 0’clock every day, but she likes her job.

1 engineer car 2. accountant bank

3 actor bus 4 salesperson books

5 cleaner five 笔试部分

一、1. woof juice June who choose

2. hook childhood wolf wood wool

二、A . engineer 2. actress 3. actor 4. artist 5 writer

B. 1 school 2 hospital 3 street 4 post office 5 library

三、1 singer 2 likes 3 do 4 go 5 helping

四、 1 B 2 A 3 C 4C 5 C 五、 1. What’s your mother?/ What’s your mother’s job?

2. He doesn’t go to school on foot. 3. What does he do in a car company? 4. What does she like?

5. Does Sarah’s father work in a bank? 六、 1. He likes working with numbers. 2. He is a TV reporter. 3. My aunt works in Beijing. 4. What are you going to be? 5. Does her sister like collecting stamps? 七、 略

八、1A 2B 3C 4A 5A

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