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1 r___ ___d ( ) 2 p___ ct_____ re ( )

3 l ___ ___ ten( ) 4 t____ k____ ( )

5 ch__dren( ) 6Ch__ ___a ( )

二、写出下列单词的-ing 形式

1 take______________ 2 watch__________

3 swim_____________ 4 listen__________

5 read____________ 6 talk_________

7 play_______________ 8 run__________

9 ride______________ 10 fly_____________


1. Panpan is _________ TV.

2. Fangfang is _________ with some toys .

3. Yuanyuan is _________ pictures .

4. Weiwei is ________ to her

friend .

四 读一读,写一写

1. This is my friend Maomao. She is __________ a book.

2. This is my friend Xiaowei. He is __________ pictures

3 This is my sister Amy. She is __________ TV.

4 This is my little brother Tom. He is ___________with a toy train


1 This is ________ friend.

A. I B. my C. me

2. Look at ________ pictures.

A. these B. that C. this

3.My little brother is playing _________ a toy train

A. of B. at C. with

4.Look! Mike is _________basketball over there

A. play B. plays C. playing

5 ________ riding bikes

A. They B. They’re C They is

6.---What are you doing?

----________ reading a book.

A. I’m B. You’re C. She’s

7.She is playing with_________doll.

A. he B. she C. her

8. Sam is talking _______his friend.

A. at B. to C. for

9.I’m __________ picyures.

A. taking B. talking C. takes

10.She likes _________football.

A. play B plays C playing


Sam: Hello,Tom. Look at (1)_______( this, these ) picture. Tom: Wow! Who are they?

Sam:They (2)______ (are, is ) my new frinds in China.The little girl

(3)______(is, are) Nancy. She is(4) ______(ride, riding) a bike.

Tom:What is that boy(5)________(do, doing)?

Sam:He is playing(6)_________(with, at) yo-yo

Tom:What is yo-yo?

Sam:It(7)_____ (is, am) a kind of ball.

Tom:Who is the man over there?

Sam:He is(8)______(my, me) maths teacher. He is talking to his




1. is, Tom, listening, music, to (.)


2. are, doing, children, What, you (?)


3.Sam, My, is to, friend, talking (.)


4 doing, is, your, What, brother (?)


5 about, I’m, a, English, reading, book (.)



Today is Sunday. Tom’s family are at home.Look, his grandpa and grandma are watching TV. His mother is cooking meals.

What’s his father doing? Oh, he is taking pictures for their

little dog.Where is his sister,Linda? Look, she’s writing a letter. And his brother is reading a book in his room. What is Tom doing? He’s cleaning his bike.How happy they are!


1 It’s Monday tomorrow. ( )

2. Tom’s family are at home today.( )

3. Linda is reading a book. ( )

4. Tom is riding a bike.( )

5 There are six people in Tom’s family.( )





1. e,a 阅读 2. i,u 照片 3. i,s 听 4. a,e 拍摄 5.i,l 孩子们 6.i,n 中国

二、写出下列单词的-ing 形式(每空1分,共10分)

1.taking 2 watching 3 swimming 4.listening 5.reading

6.talking 7. playing 8.running 9.riding 10 flying


1 watching 2. playing 3.taking 4. talking

四 读一读,写一写(每空2分,共8分)

1. reading 2. taking 3. watching 4.playing


1-5 BACCB 6-10 ACBAC


1.these 2. are 3. is 4. riding 5. doing 6. with 7. is 8. my


1.Tom is listening to music.

2. What are you doing, children?

3. My friend is talking to Sam.

4. What is your brother doing?

5.I’m reading a book about English.


1. T 2.T 3. F 4. F 5.F



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