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1. Do you like to travel? Why or why not?

I like traveling a lot! I want to travel around the world one day. First, when I go traveling, I try the local food and go sightseeing. It is fun to try different food and visit different places. Second, I am busy with my study. When I go traveling, I feel relaxed. I spend days in playing. I like that a lot. Third, when I go traveling, I can be with my parents. We always have a good holiday together. I plan to go to Hainan to see the ocean this year. I hope I can go there soon.

2. What is your favorite city in China? My favorite city in China is Shanghai. It is a modern and fantastic city. As we all know, Shanghai is an international city which is full of wonderful scenic spots. Travelers from all over the world like to visit the Bund, Yu garden, Jing An Temple and so on. Besides, it is the economy center in China. Now there are a lot of foreign companies and foreigners in Shanghai. What’s more, a new Disney land will be built in Shanghai soon. By that time, I’ll like the city more.


What can we do to protect our environment?

Nowadays, people all over the world begin to pay attention to our environment, because it seems to get worse day by day. I think we all have the responsibility to protect our earth. Firstly, we should save our natural resources as much as possible.Secondly, we should use the public transportation more often, instead of driving private cars all the time. Finally, we can plant more trees to help reduce the air pollution.

In a word, I believe the environment is very important to everyone, so we should do every thing possible to protect it.


1. Free talk

1.Why do we have to save water?

2.How to make our city cleaner and more beautiful?/How can you make our city clean and beautiful?

3.How to save water?

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