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青少版新概念1AUnit 6-10测试题

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青少版新概念1AUnit 5-10测试题

Name:_________ Mark:_________


一. 听录音选出你所听到的词。(10分)

1. ( ) A. you B. your C. her D. his

2. ( ) A. who B. whose C. where D. which

3. ( ) A. father B. mother C. brother D. sister

4. ( ) A. grey B. green C. goose D. good

5. ( ) A. what B. white C. why D. which

二. 听录音选出正确的答语。(10分)

1. ( ) A. I am ten. B. My name is Paul. C. How are you?

2. ( ) A. How do you do? B. What do you do? C. What about you?

3. ( ) A. No, it is my pen. B. Yes, it is not my pen. C. No, it isn’t my pen.

4. ( ) A.No harm done. B. Thank you very much. C. It’s a silver key.

5. ( ) A. The young man with that new car.

B. The young man on that new car.

C. The young man in that new car.



1)Paul’s bicycle ______(是)old.

2)Robert’s bags ______(是)full of books.

3)My shirts______(是)pink.

4)There______ (有)apples on the table .

5)Here ______(是)Paul’s new pajamas.

二:填空,在划线处填上适当的字母。(共15分) 1 avourate (最喜欢的) 2 ive ( 给) 3_eighbour 邻居

4_riter 作家 5_usband(丈夫) 6 d_rty ( 脏的 ) 7 lig_t ( 轻的) 8 oor ( 门) 9 b_mp ( 碰撞 ) 10 nig_t ( 夜) 11_urglar (盗窃者 ) 12 g_rden ( 花园) 13_amous ( 著名的) 14_retty (漂亮的) 15 ossip(闲谈)


1.big empty 6.hot old

2.dirty thick 7.new this

3.full short 8.white cold

4.thin small 9.boy black

5.long clean 10. that gril


1 / 4

1.Where is my new shirts? ( )

A . It’s red. B. It’s on the bed. C. It’s over.

2.What’s that in the case? ( )

A . It is a small ball. B. It is sunny day. C. Fine, thanks.

3.Is there a man at the door. ( )

A . Ok. B. No, there is . C. Yes, there is. 4.Where is the postman? He is the door. ( )

A . in B. at C. Under

5.There’s a tree ___ the river.( )

A . in . B. under. C. near.

6.Are your shirts blue? ( )

A . Yes, it is. B. Yes ,my shirts is . C. Yes, they are. 7.Here Paul’s new pajamas. ( )

A . in B. are C. is 8.What is the matter him? ( )

A . in , B. on, C. with 9.My schoolbag is full books? ( )

A .of. B.on C. in.

10. Put them_____the washing machine.( )

A . in. B. at. C. on.


1. is , there, a, in, noise,the, kitchen.

2. boy ,who, is, that, ?

3. where, pen, my, is ?

4. a, dirty, bit, they, are

5. harm, NO, done !


1. My dog is brown.(变成否定句) My dog brown.

2. There is an apple in the basket.(变成一般疑问句) an apple in the basket?

3. Is it in my schoolbag?(做否定回答)

4. Are your shirts white?(做肯定回答) , my shirts____ white.

5. Is there a house near the river. (做肯定回答)

_____, there _____.


( ) 1.你第一次见到Mike,感到十分高兴,你应该这样说: ______

A.Me too B. Nice to meet you C.Good afternoon

( )2.想问别人的工作是什么,你应该这样说: ______

A. What’s your name B. What do you do C.What colour is your bag

2 / 4

( )3.你想知道那辆银色的自行车是谁的,你应该这样问: ______

A. What colour is your bicycle

B. who is the silver bicycle

C.whose is the silver bicycle

( )4想问你来自哪里,你应该这样说______

A.Where are you from? B. How do you do? C.I’m from China. ( )5.A:当你对别人说“给你”你应该这样说______

A.No harm done B.Thanks

C.Here you are D. It’s my favourite thing


1)Mrs. Jenkins is Robert’s mother.(变成一般疑问句并作否定简略回答)

2)William is the man with the black hair.(变成一般疑问句并作肯定简略回答)

3)The new pajamas are pure white.(变成一般疑问句并作否定简略回答)

4)Robert’s shoes are a bit big for him.(变成一般疑问句并作肯定简略回答)

5)There is someone downstairs.(变成一般疑问句并作否定简略回答)


1,A:________________________is at the door? B:It’s Polly.

2,A:________________________are your new shoes? B:They’re red.

3,A:_______________________is Robert? B:He is in his bedroom.

4,A:____________________are you? B:I’m very well, thank you.

5A:___________________boats on the beach? B: They are five.

6A:___________________tie is that? B:It’s Dad’s.

7,A:___________________with Lucy? B:She isn’t very well.

8,A:___________________do you do? B:I’m a postman.

3 / 4

4 / 4

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