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广东版开心学英语五年级上册unit 9

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A: What was the weather like yesterday?

B: It

2. A: What the shoes like this morning?

B: They .

3. A: What your desk like now?

B: It .

4. A: What the weather like last Sunday?

B: It .

5. A: What the weather like today?

B: It

*语法小结: be动词的一般过去时




2.表示过去的时间状语有:just now(刚刚), yesterday, yesterday morning, this

morning, the day before yesterday(前天), last week,

last year, two days ago,…


am ---- be动词 is ---- are ---- 1

即:be动词的过去式有(am/ is ) 和(are) 两个。


(1)肯定句:主语+ was/ were + 其它。

My room was dirty just now.

You were a student last year.

(2)否定句:主语+ was/ were + not +其它。

My room wasn’t (was not) dirty just now.

You weren’t (were not) a student last year.

(3)一般疑问句:Was/ Were + 主语 + 其它;

答语:Yes, 主语+was/were. (肯定)

No, 主语+wasn’t/weren’t. (否定)

---Was your room dirty just now?

--- Yes, it was. / No, it wasn’t.

---Were you a student last year?

---Yes, I was. / No, I wasn’t.

注意:wasn’t=was not weren’t=were not

Ex1: 根据句意,用was或者were填空。

1. Your bedroom messy this morning.

2. What the weather like yesterday?

3. My shoes dirty yesterday.

4. Her rulers on the floor yesterday morning.

5. The girl dirty yesterday evening.

Ex2: 把句子改为否定句和肯定句。

1.肯定句:Tom’s shirt was clean yesterday morning.



2.肯定句:Her parents were doctors five years ago.

否定句: 疑问句:

Write & Check


cold wet clean messy big short heavy thick happy


( ) 1. It was clean but it’s dirty 2

A. before; now B. now; before C. now; now

( ) 2. Where you yesterday?

A. are B. was C. were

( ) 3. What the weather like yesterday?

A. was B. is C. were

( ) 4. My books on the floor this morning.

A. was B. were C. are

( ) 5. The garbage very dirty.

A. are B. is C. were

( the weather like today?

A. Where B. What’s C. How

( is your birthday?

A. Where B. What’s C. When

( the date today?

A. What B. What’s C. When

( ) 9. Listen! The birds in the tree.

A. are singing B. were singing C. sing

( ) 10. The children busy last week.

A. was B. were C. are

( ) 11. You bedroom yesterday.

A. is messy B. was messy C. were heavy

( ) 12. The box is . I carry it.

A. light; can’t B. heavy; can C. heavy; can’t

( ) 13. We can go swimming summer.

A. at B. on C. in

( .

A. Does; do B. Does; does C. Do; do

( ) 15. Let’s the garbage there.

A. puts B. putting C. put




( ) 1. Is it cool today? A. Yes, we do.

( ) 2. What was the weather like yesterday? B. It’s April 8th.

( ) 3. What’s her bedroom like? C. His birthday is March 25th.

( ) 4. What was your bedroom like yesterday? D. Her birthday’s May 15th.

( ) 5. Is his shirt clean now? E. My bedroom was messy.

( ) 6. What’s the date today? F. Yes, it is cool today.

( ) 7. When’s your birthday? G. Her bedroom is tidy.

( ) 8. When’s your father’s birthday? H. It was windy.

( ) 9. When’s your mother’s birthday? I. My birthday is June 30th.

( ) 10. Do we have any salt? J. Yes, it is clean.


1. It sunny this morning, but it rainy now.

2. My bedroom tidy yesterday, but it messy now.

3. The shoes dirty yesterday. But they clean now.

4. My brother short last year, he tall now.

5. What the weather like now? It warm


1. My father’s bedroom was this morning, but it is now.

2. Is your school ? No, it’s .

3. My aunt isn’t She’s very .

4. Tony’s bag isn’t .

5. Is your floor .

6. Today isn’t . It’s .

7. January isFebruary.

8. My shoes aren’t , they are .

9. Lisa’s brother isn’t , he’s .

10. Are the rulers ? No, they’re .


1. it, is, now, tidy (?)

2. was, your, bedroom, messy, this, morning (.)

3. the, on, floor, books, my, were, this, morning (?)


4. the, like, what, is, weather, today (?)

5. day, is, it, what, today (?)



Today is August 2nd, it is Sunday. The weather is very hot. After lunch, I go to the park with Tom. We want to go swimming in the lake of the park. But we can’t, because the park is very dirty, we want to make it clean. So we sweep the garbage in the park with the other children. We are tired but we are very happy.

( ) 1. It’s a cool day.

( ) 2. We go to the park after breakfast.

( ) 3. We can’t go swimming in the lake.

( ) 4. We clean the park together.

( ) 5. We have a good time in the park.


Ann is a small girl. She is ten. She is a little fat, because she often goes to McDonald’s. She likes hamburgers and sandwiches. She likes fried chicken and chips. And she likes ice cream, too. She goes to McDonald’s every Saturday and Sunday. She eats a lot of food there. Her grandfather likes the food there, too. Ann often goes with him.

( ) 1. Ann is small and fat.

( ) 2. Ann likes hamburgers and sandwiches.

( ) 3. Ann likes to go to McDonald’s.

( ) 4. Ann eats a lot of food in McDonald’s on Friday.

( ) 5. Ann often goes to McDonald’s with her grandfather.


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