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一. 选出不同类的词,并将序号填在题前括号内

( )1. A. milk B. juice C. bread D. water

( )2. A. fish B. vegetable C. beef D. chicken

( )3. A. hungry B. beef C.fish D.egg

( )4. A. juice B. apple C. banana D. pear

( )5. A. noodles B. egg C. breakfast D. chicken


( )1. ______like some vegetables.

A. I had B. I’d C. He

( )2. What’s______ dinner?

A.for B.in C. at

( )3. Dinner ______ ready!

A.is B. us C. are

( )4.I______like some rice.

A.am B.would C. do

( )5.I want some______and noodles.

A.fish B.fish C.fishes

( )6.I’d like three___and some____.

A.eggs; milk B.egg; milk C.eggs;milk

( )7. Is this your bathroom?

A.Yes,it is. B.No,it is. C. Yes,he is. ( )8. --Can I have some ____,please?

--Sure,here you are.

A. waters B.beefs C.noodles

( )9. How ____ is the beef?

A.many B.much C.old

( )10.--What would you like?

A. I like some noodles. B.I’d like some chicken.

C. I’d like some rice.

三.选出划线部分发音不同的选项,把序号写在括号内。 ( )1.A.red B.get C.be ( ) 2.A.we B. she C. bed ( ) 3.A.see B.me C.best ( ) 4.A.noodles B. spoon C.fork ( ) 5. A. rice B. knife C. pencil

四、认真读一读,为下面的句子选择相应的答语。 ( )1、What would you like for dinner?

( )2、Can I have some noodles, please?

( )3、I like Chinese food.

( )4、Is this your bedroom?

( )5、What can you see in my room?

( )6、How much is the bottle of juice?

( )7、Where are the keys?

A、They’re in the door.

B、Yes, it is.

C、I’d like an egg, some milk and a hamburger.

D、Six yuan.

E、Sure. Here you are.

F、Me too.

G、I can see a chair and a desk.


( )I’d like some fish ,what about you?

( )Do you like fish?

( )Yes,I do.I like noodles,too.

( )Good afternoon,Amy.

( )I’d like some beef.

( )Good afternoon,Mike.What would you like for dinner? ( )I’m hungry.Let’s eat.

六、阅读理解。根据对话内容判断正误,对的打“?”,错的大“?”。 Mike: Mom, I’m hunger. What’s for dinner?

Mom: Wait and see. What would you like?

Mike: I’d like some noodles, some beef, some fish and soup. Mom: What would you like for dinner, Amy?

Amy: I’d like some fish and vegetables, please.

Mom: What would you like, dear?

Dad: I’d like some noodles and some fish.

Mom: Everything’s ready.

Amy: Thank you, Mom.

Mike: Great!

Dad: Thanks.

( )1、Mom: What would you like?

Mike: I’d like some noodles and some vegetables. ( )2、Mom: What would you like?

Amy: I’d like some fish and vegetables.

( )3、Mom: What would you like?

Dad: I’d like some rice and some fish.

( )4、Mom: Everything’s ready.

Mike: Great.

( )5、There are five people in Mike’s family.

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