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四. 找出不属于同一类的词,并将字母标号填写在括号内。(10分)

( ) 1. A. baseball player B. doctor C. driver D. parents

( ) 2. A. fork B. soup C. spoon D. chopsticks

( ) 3. A. school B. bedroom C. bathroom D. kitchen

( ) 4. A. bread B. dinner C. fish D. beef

( ) 5. A. floor B. strong C. door D. wall



( ) 1. --- Go to the____________. Watch TV.

A. bathroom B. living room C.bedroom

( ) 2. --- How many ______ do you have? --- Twenty.

A. English books B. English books C. English book

( ) 3. My friend ______strong. He ______ short hair.

A. is; have B. is; has C. are; has

( )4. --- ______ is the boy? --- He is my brother.

A. What B. Who C. Where

( ) 5. Let ______ clean the windows.

A. me B. I C. we

( ) 6. My father is ______ the living room.

A. in B. under C. on

( )7. ---- Let?s clean the windows. ---- ____________.

A. All right. B. Thank you. C. Me too.

( )8. 10. What would you like dinner?

A. to B. on C. for

( )9. I have ____________ English book.

A. a B. an C. is

( )10. He ____________ science.

A. likes B. like C.has


( )1.Where is my book? A. Yes, s-t-r-o-n-g .

( )2.What?s his name? B. 30.

( )3.Can I have some orange , please? C. Red.

( )4.Is this your father? D. Sure. Here you are.

( )5. What?s in your desk? E. Me, too.

( )6.What?s 13 plus 17? F. Yes, He is my father.

( )7.What colour is your pen? G. His name is Zhang Ping.

( )8.How many girls in your class? H. 21

( )9.Can you spell the word? I. A schoolbag.

( )10.I like computer games . J. It?s on the table.


Hello, friends. My name is Rose. I?m nine. I am a student. I have a happy family.Look, this is a photo of my family! The old man is my grandfather. He?s seventy-three. He likes noodles. He?s a farmer. My grandmother is sixty-eight. She likes fish. She?s a teacher. Look at this woman. She?s my mother. She?s thirty-four. She?s a nurse. She likes vegetables very much. And this man is my father. He?s thirty-nine. He likes soup. He?s a driver. Mary is my sister .She is a quiet girl. They love me. I love them(他们).

(1) There are five people in my family. ( )

(2) My grandfather is a farmer. He likes noodles. ( )

(3) My mom likes beef. She?s a nurse. ( )

(4) My dad is thirty-nine. He?s a driver. ( )

(5) I?m Mary and my sister is Rose. ( )

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