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A剑桥英语二级期末考试 (上)(U1—16)


第一部分 听力

一. 找出你所听到的单词并把标号写在括号内(10分)

( )1. A. young B. youngest C. younger ( )4. A. around B. camera C. famous

( )2. A. highest B. fastest C. shortest ( ) 5. A. between B. behind C. beanstalk

( )3. A. spoke B. phone C. pond

二. 找出你所听到的句子并把标号写在括号内(10分)

( )1. A. What do we have for breakfast? B. What do we have for lunch?

C. What do you have for breakfast?

( )2. A. Where do you live? B. Where does he live? C. Were do they live?

( )3. A. I like reading books. B. We like reading books. C. She likes reading books.

( )4. A. It’s the day between Sunday and Tuesday. B. It’s the day between Saturday and Friday.

C. It’s the day between Sunday and Thursday.

( )5.A.Have you ever seen a tiger? B.Has he ever seen a tiger? C.Has she ever seen a tiger?

三. 听句子, 找出你所听到的正确图片, 并把标号写在括号内(10分)


( )1.

( )2.

( )3.

( )4.

( )5.

四 听句子, 找答语(5分)

( )1. A. The elephant is the biggest. B. The tiger is the biggest. C. The cow

( )2. I’m 1.38 metres tall. B. I’m 11 years old. C. I’m in Class 3.

( )3. A. We go to the cinema. B. We went to the cinema. C. We like cinema.

( )4. A. He climbed walked. B. She walked. C. She walks.

( )5. A. No, I haven’t. B. No, he hasn’t. C. No, it hasn’t.

第二部分 笔试


市场_________生气 _________投扔_________ 怪物_________ 顺序_________ 连环画_________ cooking_________ hide-and-seek _________ cupboard_________ castle _________fairy_________ 葱头_________汤 _________ seed __________ grams__________

二 将下列单词变为比较级与最高级形式(10分)

young __________ __________ thin ________ ________ tall________ ________

easy _________ ________ fine _________ ________

三 回答下列问题(5分)

1. Has he got a ruler? Yes, ______ ______.

2. Have you seen any tigers? No, ________ ________.

3. How many dogs have you got? We ______ ______ five.

4. Has your family got a computer? Yes, ______ _______.

5. Has Mary bought a bike? No, _____ _________.

四 单选(10分)

( ) 1. Which one is the _________? The boy. A. tall B. taller C. tallest

( )2. I often ________English at home. A. speaks B. spoken C. speak

( )3. . I am ________ good friend. A. Peter B. Peter’s C. Peters

( )4. He________ a new bag last week. A. buy B. bought C. buys

( )5. What did she ___________you? A. give B. gave C. gives

( )6. Fred isn’t __________ than my brother. A. fat B. fater C. fatter

( )7. _____ do you have breakfast? At six o’clock. A. How B. How often C. When

( )8._____ books have you got?--- Ten. A. How often B. How many C. How

( )9. _____ your favourite sport?---- Swimming. A. How B. Which C. What

( )10. I enjoy______ picture stories. A. reading B. read C. reads


Jane is a schoolgirl. She is fifteen. She lives with her parents and her grandfather. Her grandfather is seventy years old. He has got a backache. He needs to see a doctor. But Jane’s parents are very busy. Her father is a policeman. Her mother is a teacher. So Jane wants to go to hospital with her grandfather after school. She hopes her grandfather gets better soon.

( )1. What’s Jane’s job?

A. A teacher B. A policewoman C. A student

( )2. --What’s wrong with her grandfather? --He’s got _____.

A. a toothache B. a backache C. an earache

( )3. Who needs to see a doctor?

A. Jane B. Jane’s parents C. Jane’s grandfather

( )4. What’s Jane’s mother’s job?

A. She is a policewoman. B. She is a teacher. C. she is a nurse.

( ) 5. Is Jane’s parents are very busy?

A. Yes, they are. B. No, they aren’t. C. Yes, they aren’t. D. No, they are.

A剑桥英语二级期末考试 (上)(U9—16)听力原稿

一. 找出你所听到的单词并把标号写在括号内

1. younger 2. shortest 3. spoke 4. famous 5. behind

二. 找出你所听到的句子并把标号写在括号内

1. What do you have for breakfast? 4. It’s the day between Saturday and Friday.

2. Were do they live? 5. .Have you ever seen a tiger?

3. We like reading books.

三. 听句子, 找出你所听到的正确图片, 并把标号写在括号内(5分)

1. The elephant is the strongest of the three. 4. There are two people in the pictures.

2. Do you like vegetables? 5. The cat is next to the box.

3. They are climbing the mountains.

四 听句子, 找答语并把标号写在括号内

1. Which animal is the biggest? 4. What did Nancy do in the park?

2. How tall are you? 5. Has your family got a computer?

3. Where did you go yesterday?

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