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牛津小学英语6B 第9周周末乐园2013.4.17

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1.fast (反义词) _____________ 2. thief (复数)_______________

3.early (比较级) ___________4.stop (过去式)________________

5. do well in(同义词组)______6.thin (比较级)________________

7. far (比较级) ___________8.get on (反义词) _____________

9.No. (完全形式) ____________ 10.same(反义词)_____________


1.更擅长于做…___________2.soumds great__________________-

3.我的左手________________ 4.how far__________________

5.每隔三天_______ 6.run along the street___________

7.下火车_________ _ 8.need help with…______________

9.和…交谈_____ 10.all of the animals____________


( )1.Do you have_________brothers__________sisters?

A some; and B some ;or C any ; or

( )2. Yang Ling’s kite___________higher than __________.

A flys ; Liu Tao’s B flies ; Liu Tao’s C fly;Liu Tao

( )3.Lucy is taller than________, but I’m stronger

than__________. A me ; her B I ; she C me;him

( )4.Jim, Tom and I_________in the school.

A are all B all are C is all


( )5. We are going to meet_________the bus stop __________1:30.

A at;at B in;on C on ;in

( )6. ___________are you going to the supermarket?

A Where B Which C When

( )7. Which subject do you like__________(good), Chinese or

English? A. well B. good C. better D. best

( )8. Liu Tao _______ know about the weather in Guangzhou.

A. want B. wants C. want to D. wants to

( )9. The apples ____ the tree turn red.

A. in B. at C. on D. of

( )10. You are good at ____ kites. Can you make one _____ me?

A. make, for B. making, for C. to make, to D. makes, to


1. Mike__________(come ) from America.

2. There _____(be) a desk and two tables in the room yesterday.

3. My eyes are not as _______(big) as _________(she).

4. To get there _______(fast ),you can_____(take) bus No.8.

5. I told him __________(buy) some fruit for Liu Tao.

6. Yesterday afternoon,I ____(see)twenty horses ___________(run)in the sports field.

7. Would you please how ________(get) to the shopping centre.


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