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牛津小学英语6B Unit5 The seasons(单元测试)

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牛津小学英语6B Unit5 The seasons单元测试



3.在春天 5.与……一样热 7.好天气 9.去钓鱼 11.在那里工作一年____________ 12. Sounds great !____________

13.去农场_____________ 14. need some warm clothes ____________

15.在纽约的天气______________ 16. go camping_____________

二、根据句意及所给单词的首字母,完成单词拼写。 ’s very hot here. 三、选择题。

( )1.Which season do you like ?

A.better B.good C.best

( like in winter here?

A.What weather B.What’s weather C.What’s the weather

( do you like spring?

A.How many B.Why C.What

( it often in winter in Kunming?

A.Does…snow B.Does…snows C.Do…snows

( )5.—What do you usually do at weekends? —I usually A.plays basketball B.washing clothes C.do the housework

( a lot of rain in summer in Nanjing.

A.There’re B.There’s C.There’s no

( )7.In autumn, Helen often ___________ at the weekends.

A. go skating B. go camping C. go skiing

( )8. They want to know ________ the food in Japan .

A. to B. about C. for

( )9.Spring comes in __________ in Liyang.

A. May B. March C. September

( )10.Spring is coming . The days are getting _____and _____ .

A. longer and shorter B. shorter and longer C. shorter and shorter

( )11.The boy ______ a blue T-shirt is _______ tall.

A. on, very B. in, more C. in, very

( )12.Whose hair is longer, ________ or _________?


A. his, her B. your, her C. mine, his



( )1.What’s the weather like in spring? A.It’s sunny and warm.

( )2.Does it often rain in summer? B.Yes,it's colder in my city.

( )3.Which season do you like best? C. I usually go to the countryside.

( )4.Why do you come back late? D. Because I played football.

( )5.Do you usually go fishing? E. No,it’s very cold.

( )6.Is winter the best season in your city? F. Yes,it does,and it’s not very hot.

( )7.Is it colder in winter in Huan’an? G. No,I don’t like it.

( )8.What do you usually do on holidays? H. I like autumn best.


1.Autumn is a nice season for 2.— (good) season in Shanghai?

—I think it’s spring.

3.Summer always (come) in June.

(go) to the parks on sunny days.

(child) like to make snowmen.

6.The weather in summer here is as (hot) as in Nanjing.

7.It’s (rain) in spring here.

8.—Is it (snow) in winter? —No,it’s warm in winter here.

9.She wants (buy) a new pen.

10.He (make) many cakes for his friend last week.


1.It always rains in summer there.(改为一般疑问句)

it always in summer there?

2.It’s (对画线部分提问)

the like today? (对划线部分提问)

do you like best?

4.This box is heavy. That box isn't heavy.(合并成一个比较级句子)

This box is that box.

5.Tom is 12 years old. Mike is 12, too.(用as…as合写成一个句子)

Tom is as as .


It is w_______ in spring. The trees turn g_______ and the f________ start to

grow. I often go r_________ in the park. In s_________, the w_________ is very hot and it often r_________. I often go s__________ with my friends. In autumn, 2

the days get s_________ and the nights get l______. It’s often s_________ and cool. I often go walking in the countryside. In winter, the days are short and the nights are long. It’s very c________. I often go jogging after school.

八、阅读短文,相符的写“T”,不相符的写“F” 。

It’s late spring.The trees turn green. I often go jogging in the street in early morning. In Nanjing,spring is very short.So summer is coming soon.It will be very hot.And it doesn’t often rain.The days get longer and the nights get shorter.I like going fishing in the park. My father and I usually go swimming in the evening.

Because the sun goes down,it's little cool.I like summer.

( )1.It is summer in Nanjing now.

( )2.My father and I like jogging in the park.

( )3.Spring is very short in every place.

( )4.It isn't rainy most of the time in summer in Nanjing.

( )5.In summer evening,the weather is cooler than the days.

九、作文。 (9分)

以 “My favourite season”为题写30--50词的作文。


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