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姓名 分数

一、找出句中的错误,并加以改正。(10分) ( )1. Do you like swimming and skating? I like skating. A B C ( )2.He isn't as taller as his brother. A B C ( )3.My sister is thiner than me. A B C ( )4.Nancy's five year older than her cousin. A B C

( )5.My bag is lighter than him.



( )1. fatter, this woman or that woman?

A.Who B.Who's C.Whose D.What's

( )2.My parent and I often go shopping Saturday evening.

A.in B.at C.on D. /

( )3.Tom's hair is longer than .

A.Me B.Her C.My D.yours

( )4.—Do you have brothers sister? —No, I don't. 1

A.any…and B.any…or C.some…and D.some…or ( )5.Shall we go to the music room? I want the piano.

A.play B.see C.to buy D.to play

( )6.— Mr Wang have lunch at school yesterday? —Yes. He often lunch at school.

A.Does…have B.Do…had C.Does…has D.Did…has ( )7.The had English party last week. It was interesting party.

A.an…a B.an…an C.an…the D.the…an ( )8.The twin brothers look ,

but they are in different .

A.the same…class B.same…classes

C.different…school D.the same…classes ( )9.Look, the girls under the big tree.

A.sit B.sitting C.are sitting D.sat

( )10.I'm 13 years old and Liu Tao is 14. So .

A.he's younger than me B.I'm older than him

C.he's one year older D.I'm as old as him ( )11.Look! Wang Bing is getting the bus.

A.up B.for C.on D.away ( )12.Lily a twin brother, and she is than him.

A.is,taller B.has,tall C.has,as tall as D.has,taller ( )13. stops are there to the park?

A.How often B.How many C.How long D.How much 2

( )14.A: is it from here? B:It's ten kilometres.

A.How far,about B.How long,not

C.How away,only D.How far,along ( )15.Sorry, I'm late. I'll get up tomorrow.

A.earlyer B.earlier C.early D.earliest ( )16.A: are you going? B:I'm going the bus stop.

A.What,to B.How,at C.Where,to D.When,at

( )17.Mr Green fast and he likes in the morning.

A.run,run B.run,to run

C.running,running D.runs,running

( )18.A:Where's the park?

B:It's on Beijing Road. It's about two kilometres .

A.long B.away C.far D.to

( )19.Look, the bus is coming. Let's it.

A.get on B.get off C.get away D.get of

( )20.Excuse me, can you tell me the way the cinema?

A.of B.to C.in D.on

三、用所给单词的正确形式填空。(10分) 1.He's not as (strong) as the other children. 2.Look! They're (have a chat). 3.I jump (high) than Liu Tao. 4.Which is (heavy), the bear or the elephant? 5.Have a good rest. You'll get (good) soon.


6.A:What (do) Yang Ling often do after school? B:He (go) home and (draw) some pictures. 7.A:What (do) Su Hai do last Sunday morning? B:She (go) for a walk in the park.


1.take, bus, we, No. 5, can .

2.minutes, every, a, there's, bus, five .

3.crossing, second, right, at, turn, the .

4.way, the, to, me, tell, the, you, cinema, can ?

5.office, city, the, to, want, to, go, I, post .


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